Erin Cowart Poems

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On My Suicidal Husband

I cannot fight the dead
Or those that want to die

I cannot will you to life

Freedom Fight

Just because it has always been does not mean it should always be
The institutions have failed the madmen
We must fight for our right to be free

The Lies We Tell

Being a good person will take you far
Like one wheeled bicycles and dead battery cars

If you do your best things will turn out fine

Rising In Love

Falling in love is easy
We don't even have to try
Do you try to fall from a branch
Try to make your hair fall out

Breaking Dawns

A bird sings outside my window
I listen to her song
Of creation

Mixed Signals

Lover of mine
In this lifetime we cannot seem to get it right

Maybe a hundred years ago you loved me

Letting Go

We do not know how to let love go

We hold it, claw at it
Try to twist it to fit our hands

Soul Suckers

Beware the people who tell you that you are not enough
Not skinny enough
Not pretty enough
Not feminine enough

Poeta Nascitur, Non Fit

I am a soul to whom the universe sings
Morning and night
Every sight and sound
Begging for release

The Drive

One day you will be driving
75 miles an hour towards Cedar Key
And Prince will be blasting on the radio
And you will realize that it is quite possibly heaven

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