I float upon this galaxy
Like a single lotus leaf
Suspended upon
Ripples of despondency,

You showered upon my palms
Like endless drops of rain
But my palms were much too small to hold you.

One day
You were the mirror;
And I saw myself reflected upon you.
Through you

I love to hate you.

I hate to love you.

Come my child,
Let me caress your comatosed self
For the last time;
Let me press my ears upon your body,

You brushed like a receding wave -
Leaving imprints upon my sand ribs,
Like shells embedded upon the shore;
Ever since,


You can see the horizon partly with a single eye.

You can see the horizon completely with both eyes.

Our connecting filament
Is like a cobweb
That stretches from one tree to another
Apparently invisible


Last week
I found myself
Standing on your way
Under sun and rain.

Brushing aside thick, rustling foliage,
I shuffled through critical ordeals,
Amidst obscurities in a black forest,
Following a ray,

You who created the spring
Created winter too.

You who created the rainforests

The day I picked up a peacock’s plume
And painted the clouds in the orchid colours -
I borrowed from heaven’s palette,
I felt you were right there holding the brush with me

Every time I close my eyes
A white owl flies by,
Across the blue firmament
In cloudy daylight.

With a smile I embrace
Every single stress
You’ve caused me
My love.

I saw a white lotus bursting open
To shoot out another white lotus from within,
Which blossomed to emerge yet another.

Against an expansive green wall
Of finely pruned foliage,
I saw myself standing all alone
At the bend of a metal road,

This morning I saw a crow -
Desperately pecking
At its reflection upon the mirror;
Trying in futility

Why does a shadow
Lead me to Light?

The sun - lost and recovered

My persecutor
Is my redeemer;
Not knowing - how he redeems.
Sometimes ……….

The Best Poem Of EU STRESS

How Poetry Pours

When tearful emotions brim
Like boiling milk from a pot,
Poetry pours like incessant showers
And inebriates the senses.

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p.a. noushad 10 January 2009

i love your poems very much

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