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My four year old daughter comes home from school with a map of the world. This
is Africa she tells me. This is where we
come from. Daddy watch me color the rest
of the world. I watch her color Europe red


will i hate mirrors?
will i hate reflections?
will i hate to dress?
will i hate to undress?

The Things In Black Men's Closets

on the top shelf
of the closet
in the hat my father
wears on special occasions


He watched her move the food in her plate
And he was moved -
He wanted to follow the food to her lips

Billie Holiday

sometimes the deaf
hear better than the blind
some men

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Eugene Ethelbert Miller, best known as E. Ethelbert Miller (born 20 November 1950 Bronx, New York) is an African-American poet and teacher.
He was born in the Bronx. He received his B.A. from Howard University. He is the author of nine books of poetry, two memoirs and is the editor of three poetry anthologies. His work has appeared in numerous pub ...

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