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Eugene Mattingly Poems

1. Ode To My Hometown 10/13/2011
2. Future/Past 10/13/2011
3. Automatic Okie 10/13/2011
4. Past 10/13/2011
5. In My Dreams 10/13/2011
6. The Picnic 10/13/2011
7. Across The Plain 10/13/2011
8. Like A Stream 10/13/2011
9. My Youth 10/13/2011
10. Gleam In My Eye 10/14/2011
11. Crying 10/15/2011
12. I Am Safe 10/13/2011
13. Memories 10/13/2011
14. Summer's End 10/13/2011
15. A Poet's Prayer 10/15/2011
16. Welcome To The Night 10/13/2011
Best Poem of Eugene Mattingly

Welcome To The Night

When evening time has come
toils of the day are done
watch the setting sun
change the face of the sky
as the evening sun sinks
into the horizon
sounds of the night
begin their symphony
birds begin to roost
their chatter slowly fades
creatures of the night
take their place on the stage
The moon rises slowly, announcing
the changing of the guard
coolnes felt all around
Earth surrendering her warmth
as the sun hides her face
Welcome to the Night.

g.mattingly 2011

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Ode To My Hometown

I didn't know it at the time,
but living in Durant - was just fine,
as close to heaven as you could get,
the times we had I can't forget.

even in the classroom, it was hard to study,
my mind was elsewhere, with my buddy,
the teachers they didn't understand,
there was more to life than the history of man.

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