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My soul is torn, my mind is confused.

Will I ever be loved, or will I just be a desire?

Life is like guns shooting your brain
its just so hard, you dont know where to hide.

There's a place in my life, in my heart, my soul, where everything seems dark to me.

When I think
the sun opens up and gets warmer.

When I think the clouds move slower

Wishing for your touch, your love and comfort.
Thinking of how and when, have you became a big part of me.
Your lips, your words, and your caring soul, captured my broken heart.

Left me vulnerable, left me broke
Time was ticking, time was torment

Overpower was the defeat

Tears of blood start dripping,
when i cut with that rusty old knife.

I don't feel the pain

She'll hide in a closet
and cry in the darkness.

Shes running out of breath and her eyes are swollen.

A painful day, tears down my cheeks.
Wind blowing outside my window, rain showering down loud.
No reason for me to eat.
No reason for me to sleep.

Dreaming of that day when i hold your hand standing so close
i can hear your heart beating.
Just knowing your my angel who protects me from danger,
makes me realize how lucky i am.

Ive always wanted to be different from everybody else.
To have the biggest heart, biggest smile, and the heart thats mended.
My heart is just one problem in my life and thats because its broken.

I feel as if i am a princess living in a beautiful tall castle with a handsome young prince.

Im being treated royal and respected (:

I sit and think of every tear drop that has hit the ground.

The part in life when you miss someone so much, your ready to fight for love and walk miles to see them.

I could change the world with
cruelty, hate, dishonesty.

I would.

He left me, i guess i deserved it.
Im hated, i must of deserved that.

I feel so alone having no-one understand me.

Was I made for this world or for this world to hurt me?
Filled with anger, anxiety, and darkness

I ask myself

My hearts still loose and wounded.
The fear that fills me when no one needs.

Trying to climb this mountain,

I'm watching the sunrise glow,
through the smoothing layers of the clouds.

I'm sitting in a quiet mind and a closed up heart.
Through the nature i will flow and the sadness will rise.

Caught my attention once and i got addicted.
You're mysterious eyes glaring into mine.
Your'e sweet calming voice and your silly laughs made me realize you deserve a chance.

I sit quietly as I cry inside.
Nobody notices but me.
I seem invisible, I seem as if I lost my mind.
I've lost my friends, I've lost my desires.

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Hello my name is Evelina. Iv'e been writing poetry since 14 years old discovering my passion for emotional coping in relating through reading others experience. I am 23 now and still have the biggest thrive for creativity. Poem is ART.)

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Is It Love Or Desires?

My soul is torn, my mind is confused.

Will I ever be loved, or will I just be a desire?

Time is running out and I have not chosen.

Will I ever be at the top of his list or just someone's desire?

Undercover is my heart, forcing to live, to breath.

Just shattered is what I am. Not fixable is what stays the same.

I'm starting to believe there's no fate out there for me.

Done chasing my happiness down, done seeing my scars.

If I'm worth it, it'll show.

But for now…

Goodbye love.

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