Evgeniy Filimonov

Evgeniy Filimonov Poems

1. The Elder Leadman 4/14/2015
2. Stanczyk 4/14/2015
3. The Liturgy 4/14/2015
4. The Bedbound Tempo 4/14/2015
5. Hearth And Heart 4/14/2015
6. The Blood-Ridden Minstrelsy 4/14/2015
7. An Unexpected Visit 4/14/2015
8. Forsaken Soul 4/14/2015
9. An Evening's Murmur 4/14/2015
10. Harlot's Elegy 4/14/2015
11. Penance 4/14/2015
12. Against Time 4/14/2015
13. To The Nomad 4/14/2015
14. Enlightenment 4/14/2015
15. The Path 4/14/2015
16. Struggle 4/14/2015
17. Jessica 4/14/2015
18. In A Thronged Tavern 4/14/2015
19. On Indolence 4/14/2015
Best Poem of Evgeniy Filimonov


My companion
Or enemy?
You shuffle along the corridor
Your eyes, they offer me
An inconsolable pallor
It denotes a yearning for greatness
One I fail to offer, yet you
So measured in your listlessness
A scorned soul's redoubt
Therefore, I beseech
End this facade
Your fears, they sway as you move
But, past the velvet
They care not
And so their speech follows
More! More!
What remains behind your whimsical fabric?
Beyond gestures most sumptuous?
Rhetorician of revelry
Propagandist of mirth
Unabated, the heckler's tread ...

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The Liturgy

Atop the steeple, effervescently gilded
Amongst battered iron, announcing the heavens
On the hands of our relics
I observe an undaunted sapidity.

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