Evie Shockley

(Nashville / Tennessee / United States)

Evie Shockley Poems

1. A Background In Music 10/23/2014
2. Lifeline 10/23/2014
3. du bois in ghana 6/22/2015
4. canvas and mirror 6/22/2015
5. The Anklet 10/23/2014
6. Disciple 10/23/2014
7. Waiting On The Mayflower 10/23/2014
8. On New Year's Eve 10/23/2014
9. Effect Shrewd Preferences 10/23/2014
10. Where You Are Planted 10/23/2014
11. Pantoum: Landing, 1976 10/23/2014
12. From The Lost Letters Of Frederick Douglass 10/23/2014
13. Her Tin Skin 10/23/2014
14. Notes To My Nieces (Or, Essays In Fortune-Telling ) 10/23/2014
15. A Sonnet For Stanley Tookie Williams 10/23/2014
16. Playing With Fire 10/23/2014
17. — Shall Become As — 10/23/2014
18. Statistical Haiku (Or, How Do They Discount Us? Let Me Count The Ways) 10/23/2014
19. Where Is It Clean 1/1/2004
20. Ballplayer 1/13/2003
Best Poem of Evie Shockley


i cop a squat on a squared-off log,
to watch you ball on the community center court.
butt numb, i shift my weight

and shake mosquitos from my ankles,
but never take my eyes off the game.
yours follow the orange orb, your pupils
twin, brown moons reflecting its light.

your play is wild efficiency,
you are a four-pronged magic wand,
waving, as if agentless, in all directions at once.
an opponent dribbles the ball - now he sees it,

now he don't, it's gone, flown,
and you've given it its wings.
you are one-eighth of the shrieking ...

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Playing With Fire

something is always burning, passion,
pride, envy, desire, the internal organs
going chokingly up in smoke, as some-
thing outside the body exerts a pull
that drags us like a match across sand-
paper. something is always burning,
london, paris, detroit, l.a., the neighbor-

hoods no one outside seems to see until

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