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My utmost love in this Life,
Souls United, mine & wife:

He never mentioned money,
looking back, seems funny...
funny-odd, I mean to say,
just wasn't made that way!

Yes, happy... known: a Mr Morrison:
Other titles also apply... by inclusion!
Impossible to ignore - thence must be?
Keira's 'Poetcher' is now used happily!

Garden rabbits were watching from their stances,
who's the subject? perhaps my camera... or me?
The photographing poet's happily taking chances;
ultimately, the picture was taken and here to see!

A dark day, Second World War,
Roddy and Angus hit that day.
Both boys 'fell', near on par;
Injuries - terminal, one way!

On your birth, we do reform -
Love’s concord, hearts aver...
that in your world’s expanding 'norm':
we’ll lose ourselves, entirely there!

The new place suits you well ~
her husband joined his bride...
'heavenly world': who can tell?
Having youngest by their side!

'Cupcake', bakes with my wife -
one of sweetest treats in life...
this cute girl is a Grandniece;
to grumbling tum, brings peace!

Writing, always a great pleasure, (W.I.P.)
bountiful; nearly beyond measure.
On Laptop - typing all the time;
sublime practice...yours & mine.

Mary, Mary, darling of mine -
among family and all friends;
loved, since childhood’s time ~
have ‘Passed’ - nothing ends!

Father and my Uncle fell then;
fresh soldiers, two young men.
Highland troops, in fight-gear,
engaging battle, enemy near.

Forebears felt what was felt then
This path to follow, as and when?
Mixed, quaint and heartfelt belief;
Truly on a course, without relief!

Well Mr Cox, Kenny andfriend:
Moving away, so many years ago;
Wrote this poem, t' him to send,
PC searched for, who's to know?


Scott Morrison is our ‘Star'
(is "my Dad", to their Son) ,
Carries wisdom near and afar;
He's Cosmos bred and began!

First steps - our life's route,
her second name embraces Aunt.
Learn to walk, 'foot by foot';
so share her warmth, we do want!

Whenever I ‘GO’ to ‘WC’ -
considering what I ‘need’...
if washing, or for to ‘pee’;
door ajar - yes indeed!

How do you see me now?
I Used to be 'Patriarch'...
regard me, and just how?
Usually, 'Word' was mark!

This fine loch takes boats, all parts -
carries us all – and floats our hearts...
Loch, in beauty and peace – abounds;
users and visitors – truly astounds!

Past's passed, and there must stay, (W.I.P.)
More than that, one just cannot say:
The future ahead approaches now;
Beyond 'Country' is place we'll go!

Miss Fraser is a Teacher - dear friend
"Remember that coffee", 'times extend
"yes we will have it"...always replies
Sincerely saying, with sparkling eyes

Ewen A Morrison Biography

Hello, to other poetry fans, and I'm a retired DSA ADI - or an 'ADI' as we called ourselves. This little space allows sparse room for much more than a few words, and hopefully, the art of poetry may touch on much more than what these sentences can portray. Everyone starts at an amateur level and eventually - amateurishness may gradually wane and in its place, the poet/artist might not sense any transition... After all, every good artwork tends to feel less-than-perfect - faulty or incomplete - and naturally, a calm artist may still have a restless mind. Trying to rationally consider and discuss any of the arts is quite ineffable; perhaps using this one word instead of several sentences, echoes a hint of the linguistic problems of critiquing the Arts in general? These comments are demanding enough for me to be 'writing', as I'm only an amateur 'Keyboarder' - if there is such a word? However, thanks for your time, Ewen)

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Loving Couple


My utmost love in this Life,
Souls United, mine & wife:
We pair are as sure as one,
Never part, now it's begun!

Life together: lasting forever;
Separation-day, hope never:
Two cores, one beating heart,
So Unified - and we'll not part!

Living for each day - - in our way,
Blessed times; but who can't say?
Thence: 'Forever', MAY be today!
Therefore... it's where we'll stay!

© Ewen A. Morrison

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You/we... Born an amateur to life's living; give what is to give - for giving. Evolving's worth...entirely true, surely for all kind, includes you!

Nas ann mar sin a tha e, fag e ~ Scottish Gaelic: - If that's the case/how it is, leave it

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Ewen A Morrison Popularity

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