Ezna Stephna Poems

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My Angel Daughter

My Angel Daughter
You came into this world
Was treasured forever.

My Birthday Wishes In My Matured Era!

My Birthday Wishes.......
come speedy from all destinations
From my friends, my PF friends, my families and my children
All lovable greetings and blessings is a supreme treasure

Today Is My Birthday!

Today is my birthday
My soul is feeling lonely
My inner spirit ache with twinge
my children wishes me with love

Embrace Me Tight

Embrace me tight and rap me slow
Take me deep and don't permit to go
The music our groan and exhale stridently
Perfect for the friends salsa

Oh Sailor Sails To The Shore!

When the sea is clam
Moon light shines thee
Sit and think what life desire

Sexual Category With Taste Of Chocolate

Deep chocolate cover kisses in the shower
Starving heart and mouth set in action again
Soothe food for you, sexual category and chocolate
Script love poetry on your hot glowing skin

God's Beauty

Can you see God's beauty
Can you see His love shine
In everything around you
Just look at all the magnificent signs.

A Traveler's Petite Secret

I'm a traveler
I travel around the globe
With my sociable outlook
And designer garments

My Children I Love Them!

My Children I love them so much
They are part of my body and mind
I embrace them and shield them all my life
From wickedness and suffering of the world

Deep Pain

life is so wonderful surround by love ones
Years went by and everything grew into its pattern
Than this the day you are deep in pain
when your love ones betray you

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