My Angel Daughter Poem by Ezna Stephna

My Angel Daughter

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My Angel Daughter
You came into this world
Was treasured forever.

An angel sent from heaven above
For my pride heart to embrace.
My pride heart is overflowing
With the marvel of a love like
I have never acknowledged.

When I cuddled you in my arms
It was magical! A touch no other
But my motherhood could offer.
Truly the passion required no words.

Your gorgeous face
Is something I admire to see each day?
With a single word of love to intensity
As you are so cute and amazingly lucid

Your eyes soften me with emotion
So powerful it is beyond belief.
A caring and unconditional love
That shines from them, that…
Makes me tremble with excitement
For our life to start a journey

Each day your smile seal
my heart with a happiness
To have you in my life daughter
is truly a blessing!

Whenever my cute daughter you embrace me,
I hope you by no means let go from me
I will always embrace you back,
And this I hope you know...........
How much I desire for you to be with me

You’re my angel daughter, my sweetest daughter,
Everything I desire you to be.
You’re my angel daughter sent from god,
To share my life with you.

Maybe one day we meet again,
In other circumstances and…
I promise to you yet again
My unconditional love and devotion.
For I will treasure each day
That God provide me and you,
Our own little piece of heaven on earth.
In which we can live forever

God bless you my angel daughter...
With health, wealth and happiness of peace
God bless you with all you necessitate in life.
You are my angel daughter....
I love you so.....

On summer evening a month of June,21 years ago I gave birth to a cute loving daughter, which was a very excitement day for both of us to see her softness and the way she embrace in my arms. Today she is grown up as a beautiful woman. One day she will leave my side to build her future and family like me.

Copyright; Ezna 12/Nov/ 2009

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