Fabio Caparelli Poems

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Bombs Over Bangor

It was not me, who beside the sea,
Stumbled upon the shrapnel,
The bombs that fell, the flesh that bled,
The emptiness that was left instead,

Eyes That Would Shed Tears, Had They Water To Spare

Vapid, dry and isolated,
That's how we leave them.
Cold, frozen even,
Do you understand why we leave them there?

Along The Corridor, Up The Stairs

Death will not appease it,
Yet still we taunt and tease it.
Human eyes cannot see it,
Yet still we dress to be it.

A Poem Without Real Words

Sa la piata mondujo sperra van casi vastick,
Bujo fandarda belisca fa la dinga mastick.
Potto gorlitto vantio bantio spodock mon gargoo,
Pesti molesti faka faka hoohoo.

Andrey Arshavin Et Al's Strange Situation 1978

Print these words and wave them in the air,
Write them down and shake them, I don't care...
Poetry in motion is what it will be
And a strange devotion is what will be seen.

The Green Bungalow On The Moon

My bungalow has many stories, but most of them are blue,
My garden has a secret and I'm guarding it from you.
Walk up the stairs and stare out the back window;
I will be hiding in the tall grass.

The Cat Becomes Terminally Ill

Years of blood, sweat and neverending toil
Culminate in this the perfect life, cream,
I'm the cat that's got it all around me,
Though she is more than a dairy product

Scream If It's Too Cold For You... Cry If You Like

The chicken laid an egg one day,
She didn't like the color so she gave it away.
Immediately regretting her decision, citing lack of vision,
She grew some extra wings and began her mission.

Kings Of Leona Lewis Hamilton Academical

Thrice I died, but four times I clung to Heaven's left shin,
'In! In! ' I said, but they would not let me in.
I had no identification and I had no writ of passage...
My tongue was dry yet my palms were soggy,

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