Faith Wood

Rookie (Albany, Ny)

Faith Wood Poems

1. My Mother Is Throwing Out Death 1/3/2007
2. Rent 1/14/2007
3. Repeating 1/14/2007
4. King And I 1/21/2007
5. Declaration 2/1/2007
6. Passenger 2/1/2007
7. Tangled 2/4/2007
8. Platoon 3/2/2007
9. Generation Of Mirrors 3/12/2007
10. Simle Like You Meant To 3/23/2007
11. Somewhere Long Gone 3/23/2007
12. Bridges Over Moats 3/23/2007
13. In A Voicemail 3/26/2007
14. Safety In Windows 3/27/2007
15. No Matter Where You Are, These Things Happen 3/31/2007
16. What The Horoscopes Contain 3/31/2007
17. Conjure, Contain, Muster 3/31/2007
18. Strung Together (I Know You Know) 12/31/2006
19. Peace Sign And A Heart 12/31/2006
20. Caught In The Currents 12/31/2006
21. The Wise Words Of Pop Vocals 4/13/2007
22. A Cause To A Start 4/24/2007
23. Storming The Gate 8/19/2007
24. Underwater 8/19/2007
25. Lose My Way (I Can'T) 8/19/2007
26. If I Was An Arrow, I'D Be On The Bullseye 8/19/2007
27. Stay Afloat 10/2/2007
28. Limousine 11/18/2007
29. Showers In May 11/18/2007
30. As Plain As Stones 1/2/2008
31. Wolves And Sheep 1/2/2008
32. I Dream Of Apples 1/2/2008
33. Whether Together Or Apart 1/8/2008
34. Sound Waves And Static 1/8/2008
35. Right Now 1/8/2008
36. Carousel 1/27/2008
37. Company In Musical Notes 1/27/2008
38. Hoping For Fireworks 1/27/2008
39. Crush Me 3/23/2008
40. Dime A Dozen 4/3/2008

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Best Poem of Faith Wood


I used to freeze time,
pocket the laughter and hold on to smiles
I'd have the scene carved into my eyes
so it would never leave my mind
All the nightmares and sick days
were washed away with the strongest of chemicals
only to relieve the repeating memories
But that's not how to live
I learned that the hard way

All I ever wanted was to keep us close
Not move too fast and ignore the ghosts
I'd lay awake for days
just stagnant in the best of times,
not noticing the hand tick by
The moment has changed and time is gone
and who knows what's next to...

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I took your hand in mine
but you yanked it away and pointed to the stars
They're so distant, but they shine like headlights
Bright enough to see, but not close enough to reach
And it happened all at once,
I fell hard on the pavement
and you ran in the opposite direction,
ignoring all road signs
and paying your way from the rent earned on your heart

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