Dilemma Of Green Panthers Poem by Hanna Abideen

Dilemma Of Green Panthers

They caged unwrapped melancholy of ours
And concoct boiling tears and sweat to mollify.
Downtrodden we're, making thou food!
Can thou imagine kisans become relics?
Can you drive out the seeds of partiality then?

//Greenery an aubade chanting ephemeral it is!
Echoes of environment chained by anarchy//

Insouciant administration beatific shamelessly
Agrarian suicide's breaking records of earlier,
Residing with an ancient brown clock to begin Counting our time on educated fool's arms!
Toiling for the betterment thee whisper,
Striving for the empowerment thee murmur.
So throw out bloody stuffs of callous anarchists,
Which made us bow down before oligarchy
Suppressing our expressions of depression!
Belittling oppositions and swelling offerings.
Why agrarian distress did not shake 'em?
Return ere it's too late and dark here in debt
However follow the blessed secular ways.

//Fair play of 'em is gonna oppress those hectic
Raise protest that is we peasants uhtceare//

Countrymen isn't in bellicose and perplexed how
Cantankerous they are deteriorating peasantry.
Ain't nightmares but lathis in dim lit streets
Though scattering and running us barefoot.
Half-scribbled verses of hope in our veins
Why not loosing grains with oozing out blood.
The odour of blurred dreams tearing us apart!
Nevertheless ne'er ever let thy sugar-coated
Lies ruin our lives anymore chanting progress
Like the acorns for humans injecting holy venom
Utterly did bigotry thus eroding soil under feet
May the drained land survive the autumn..

//Like rain-kissed earth awaiting spring!
With abridged hopes entangled lives survive//

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