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every day is a constant battle
self will is no longer an option

as i look out the window
i see the sun rise
before my very eyes
i feel its warmth & power upon my face

what is the meaning of life
what does it hold for me
is it worth the heart ache
the pain

I often ask myself
what is wrong with this world?
good people get murdered

how powerfull it is
those words that flow out
just like that blood
how it feels to know that

well it's nearly here
& what sadness & joy it brings
people all rushing arounding
children all excited

howling voices in the night
taunting me in my minds eye
the wind in the trees
blowing this way & that way

struggle is what i'm going through
as change is new & different
why when your comfortable
are you less likely to struggle

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i am a 31yr old women, i'm currently in rehab getting help for drugs & alchol & the other mental problems i have, one of those is self harm, i love the colour red i have 3 bro's & 3 sis's all older, mom/dad devorced, good upbringing but childhood traurmas)

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To Much

every day is a constant battle
self will is no longer an option
as self will
will only distroy
head full of the ways i can self sabatarge
do i care?
give in to the voice of distruction
it's already won
& getting stronger
day by day
it's funny as it's me
i am my own distruction
& with no real motive to change
question is
do i want to change
i get excited by the very thought
& the anxiouty level is off the scale
just do the act
satisfaction of the action
no pain felt
just release & freedom
watching the blood exit
drain away, like the hurt & pain inside
how nice that feeling
but the suffering continues
& the pain is endless
so it all comes down to
To much

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faye burford Popularity

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