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i was about to give up,
writing 4 eva,
but some people said no,
that i was too good to give up,

the night is a,
beautiful time,
it's a time when,
noone can see,


what are jokes,
but somethig to
make you feel good,
something to drive,

darkness in the country,
brings silece and peace,
and a sense of life that,
you cannot feel in,

the fire,
i love it,
the way it dances,
out of control leaping,

the graveyard shift,
is the best of all,
the ghouls come out,
the dead rise,

How am I?
How do we define what's good?
How do we define how we feel?
I'ts all just words in the end,

Quell these demons,
the thoughts inside,
release that hunger that,
burning need,

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hiya people i'm me and if ur ok with that then koolies, if not and u want me to change then piffle (my word you cant use it) anyhoo if you wanna get to no me inbox me and any feedback/criticism would be greatly appreciated... btw the poems i have up now i wrote ages ago.... just in case u think they're shit (except for The point, and This one thought) i love drama, singing, dancing and performing, and i havent had much luck with any of my relationships)

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Words Of Encouragement

i was about to give up,
writing 4 eva,
but some people said no,
that i was too good to give up,
i thought they were crazy,
there minds had gone hazy,
but then they gave me,
words of encouragement,
that made me think,
maybe i'm not so bad,
maybe i should keep writing,
but then i read my work again,
and realised where i'd gone wrong,
i wasn't focusing on the positives,
and the good things,
all i could see were the errors,
and the problems that couldn't be fixed,
and i realised that,
underneath the negatives,
my writing wasn't so bad,
and so that helped me to keep writnig,
so i have to thank,
all those people who,
didn't give up on me,
and gave me those,
words of encouragement,
thank you.

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Madly In Love 01 June 2007

Mason is such a great poet his poems are so beautiful i love them. If u haven't read any of his poems yet then ur missing out on some great poetry M.Z

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