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I Want To Tell You

I want to tell you how I
feel when you turn away
from my tears


I want you to listen
when I talk

I don't need comments

No One Understands

No one understands
why I cut myself

No one understands

She Stands Alone

She stands alone
with no one by her

I Smile

I smile and laugh
when I am happy

I cry and sob

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Roger Bowman 22 June 2007

Mariana is an amazing girl with great spirit and wondeful writin. All the best and more

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Flame6203E . 31 May 2007

mariana has some beutiful poems sorry major inderstatement all her poems are beutiful really heartfelt and probably true i can relate to most of her poems keep on writing

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Nabil Nazmi 05 May 2007

nice poem, realy wonderful, reminds me of someone.great work.keep it up.

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Claude Davis III 05 April 2007

From what I have read. Mariana is a young but talented poet. I've enjoyed all her works I have read. It seems the more poems I read by her; the more I enjoy her writing.

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Anita Blake 29 March 2007

Mariana is such a great poet. Her poems carry such strong messages. Messages that everyone should hear. If you don't read her poems you are missing out on some great work.

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Hello my name is Mariana Zita and i love writing poems, reading books, nd writing short stories. I am Italian and was adopted from Guatemala. I am a nice person and i love helping others

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