Bernard F. Asuncion Flower Poems

A Flower Of Love In Red November

R-ed, yellow, or white,
O-range and other colors may be;
S-weet fragrance fills the air,
E-ndorsing the wonder and beauty.

Flower In The Tower

R-ed rose in the tower
O-f the home built in love
S-oothes the heart of man
E-xpressing trust in above.

Gold And Flower

Tears flow from crying river,
Family's life is meager,
Their smiles are gold and flower.

Footle In Fresh Flower

This nose
sniffs rose

White Flower

J-ust let Friday fog fade,
E-arly eighteenth February,
N-ight cold chill ends,
N-ew dawn shares the glory.

A Flower In Your Ear

A-fter the rain has gone,
N-ew dawn meets the sun;
N-o more sorrow or sadness, but the fifth February fun.

Purity Of A White Flower

D-ahlia denotes clean heart,
A-s she shares the true love;
L-etting it gladly dwell deep
I-nside seen from up above.

Every Flower Will Wither

E-very flower will wither,
L-eaves will also become dry;
S-apless plants will lose freshness,
A-s they will all surely die.

Flower Needs Water

G-ray clouds fill the sky,
C-old chilling wind is blowing,
T-o bring rain to trees.

A Fresh Flower For You

D-eep darkness and clouds
A-re gone into the night;
I-mportant event begins,
S-tarting early in

Sweet Lovely Flower In Red

J-ust cherish another day,
E-vening shadows are gone;
N-inth morn in February breaks,
N-ew light stops the

Ecstasy Of The Flower In June

R-ed, elegant and beautiful,
O-ne which perfumes the air;
S-mell or scent that carries
E-xcitement from the flower.

Sweet Flower In July

S-weet flower in July
A-ttracts butterflies and bees;
R-ed roses in the garden
A-re now blooming to please.

A Ray Flower In White December

D-ressed in genuine purity,
A-nd yellow at the middle;
I-ts fragrant and sweet scent
S-oothes your nose as

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