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Thinking about the past is destructive.
Face forward and focus on the future.
Let your new motto be ''Time to move on''
Just let your past stop interfering.

It is no discovery
The fact is self evident
There is much that a woman needs for happiness
Beside a home and a husband

Good memories are like charms, my friend.
Each is special.
You collect them, one by one,
until one day you look back

I believe secrets can be revealed,
I believe thoughts can be shared,
I believe plans can be made,
I believe fears can be rejected,

At times, when I'm lonely
In this world of billions.
When the world seems strange to me,
When life seems like hell,

Sometimes we believe what we want to believe,
even when we know better.
Whenever our eyes meet,
something always pass between us...

I'm sorry for everything
Especially for lying
I'm sorry for winning
Especially your heart

You have no rights to hurt me like this.
Why did you hurt me?
You have no idea what you did to me.
I'm totally wrecked.

When we finished with each other,
he lay looking at me.
He knew how exhausted and wounded I was from the battle,
but I still had plenty of strength left in me.

Just try to forget your pain
and let peace reign
it is the best you can do.
Try to remember all the laughter

Where did good memories begin?
What was the best thing
that ever happened to me?
The win.

They had always been the same together,
wanting each other more and more,
and taking more than there was to give,
but always giving it all.


One minute it was here
The next, it's gone
So unbelievable
Too hard to comprehend.

Many times I'd seen you in my dreams.
Why do you always appear to me?
And I'm always losing you
When i thought I'd finally found you.

People made you a star.
And then you discovered you liked it.
And you tried to keep on being what they wanted.
But it was only a little time, .

I was his life.
His world revolved around me.
He was my knight in shining armor.
Rode out of nowhere and vanguished my enemies.

As I was wandering in the wood
my mind far away
I thought I saw someone
yes! I can see him clearly

We all have a destiny to follow.
It is not right to make predictions of danger.
Where there are lessons to learn in our lives,
we'd better learn them without interference

Can I unfold this mystery?
When they said they are falling in love.
And sometimes it feel so real.
Until they can't stand again.

You can't tell who you are going to end up with.
You might spend your whole life dreaming
about one type of person, only to find happiness
with someone completely different.

The Best Poem Of Franca Kenneth

Break The Ice

Thinking about the past is destructive.
Face forward and focus on the future.
Let your new motto be ''Time to move on''
Just let your past stop interfering.
Always guide your feelings and never forget,
Those who risked their lives for your freedom.

Even if the world is pulling down on you,
Happiness comes from within.
Whatever you do, do it for the right reason,
And you will be happy.
There is nothing worse than the stink of fear,
Especially when it is your own.

So get on with the present, move into the future.
Someone got to break the ice.
Let the world know there is no more defeats in your life.
Let the past go, its gone.
All you have now is just today.
So break the ice.

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Oludipe Oyin Samuel 11 June 2012

An enjoyable poet of alluring concepts. Chimamanda of our time

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