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Oyin Oludipe is a Nigerian playwright and editor. His poem, 'Student' was shortlisted for the 2014 Eriata Prize for Poetry. He is a contributing poet to two anthologies: '52 Years After' and 'The African Eyeball'

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In Lagos Hours

Grey scalpel, grey slaughterers
Comb sideway of melding blood and brine, seriatim,
Stroke gold-yellow kerosene swells possessive of streets.
Burdened omnibus stabs the broken motorway,
Retracts to stoop to grey hawker-
His coy belly is distended from hunger

The hovering dust pleats the road
Tar holds sway smoky rust like confounded wraiths
Possessive of the runway;
Rebukes from spice-caked stall-women stalk
Annoyed warden as ghostly whispers ashore yet
Enchants pot-bellied man shaving beard...
Blast, fire, ruckus, receded prayers on rolling tyre

Limp night.
Hollow dawn
Nets resonances of thousand penchants.
Light on trailer crevices
Echoes back upon rushing tandems.
Beneath a sky darkly blunt
She heads home beating the throng's plaint
Above haunted night-watchers,
Trampling adire women, soul-sour policemen
Of leaking uniforms.

Oludipe Samuel Comments

Franca Kenneth 11 June 2012

Wonderful poems you've got. Thumbs up.

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Ukweni Ngozi 08 May 2014

Mr. Samuel, your poems gives inspiration to many writers. your friendship brings happiness to many people but the combination of both is a beautiful part of my life...keep the ink and script together

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Persephone Taylor 19 August 2012

I thank you for inviting me to read your poetry! I enjoy it very much and looking forward to your next post. :)

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Valsa George 23 July 2012

Like a juggler perfoming tricks, Oludipe creates magic with words and ideas and puts forth amazing reflections! ! Hats off to this young talent! ! !

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Ebi Robert 16 July 2012

Sammy, my right thumb is seated upon to air and speaking the language of acceptance. One word. One line of 4 letters, AMEN. Gracias. We must take take the nation flag high!

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His majestic hand, writes and natures the beauty of poetry, the young talent, that seek to marvell in every sphere of his writting skills, some great and amazing reflections, and emotions expresse, with thoughts, keep writting brothe Oludipe, You have a long magnificent poetic future ahead of you The_African_Son T_A_S (Th³_ªfR¹cª¬_šºN)

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