Francis Michael Bacon Poems

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West Coast

I've lain with her this year in the sand,
And pledged my life for that moment,
Warm, clear breath, deep,

The Rock That Sits In The Bay

We came to stay above Loch nan Ceall,
The sand and the sea and the sky over whelmed us,
She gave us a focus, let us appreciate the tides,
Settled our interest on part of the horizon,

The Lady Who Cuts My Hair

Must get the chair by the radiator,
Never have to wait for long,
Here she comes,
I get her every time,

Ridiculous Beast

A stag stands proud
Below the hotel byre
Ten point regalia
Attitude to match

Bashful Beings

Oh I know you
Find me interesting
Perched so close
To where I spade

Not A Poem

This is not a poem, because
It doesn't rhyme
Sitting here, thinking of you
Most of the lampshade.

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