Francis Scott Fitzgerald Poems

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City Dusk

COME out . . . . out
To this inevitable night of mine
Oh you drinker of new wine,

The Staying Up All Night

The warm fire.
The comfortable chairs.
The merry companions.

On A Play Twice Seen

HERE in the figured dark I watch once more;
There with the curtain rolls a year away,
A year of years — There was an idle day

We Leave To-Night

WE leave to-night . . .
Silent, we filled the still, deserted street,
A column of dim gray,

Marching Streets

Death slays the moon and the long dark deepens,
Hastens to the city, to the drear stone-heaps,
Films all eyes and whispers on the corners,

Sleep Of A University

WATCHING through the long, dim hours
Like statued Mithras, stand ironic towers;
Their haughty lines severe by light

Princeton - The Last Day

THE last light wanes and drifts across the land,
The low, long land, the sunny land of spires.
The ghosts of evening tune again their lyres

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