Francis William Lauderdale Adams

(27 September 1862 – 4 September 1893)

Francis William Lauderdale Adams Poems

1. Dai Butsu 1/1/2004
2. To A. L. Gordon 1/4/2003
3. Gordon's Grave 1/4/2003
4. Father Abe 4/20/2010
5. Holy Russia 4/20/2010
6. Jesus 4/20/2010
7. Liberty! 4/20/2010
8. Move On! 4/20/2010
9. A Glimpse Of China 4/20/2010
10. A Mahomedan Ship Fireman 4/20/2010
11. A South-Sea Islander 4/20/2010
12. A Story 4/20/2010
13. Something 1/4/2003
14. A Fool 4/20/2010
15. A Visitor In The Camp 4/20/2010
16. An Assassin 4/20/2010
17. Analogy 4/20/2010
18. At The West India Docks 4/20/2010
19. Aux Ternes 4/20/2010
20. Dublin At Dawn 4/20/2010
21. Elsie 4/20/2010
22. England 4/20/2010
23. England In Egypt 4/20/2010
24. Epode 4/20/2010
25. Evening Hymn In The Hovels 4/20/2010
26. Farewell To The Children 4/20/2010
27. Farewell To The Market 4/20/2010
28. Fling Out The Flag 4/20/2010
29. Greek Lyrics 4/20/2010
30. Hagar 4/20/2010
31. Henry George 4/20/2010
32. Her Poem 4/20/2010
33. In An East End Hovel 4/20/2010
34. In The Edgware Road 4/20/2010
35. In The Pit 4/20/2010
36. In The Sea-Gardens 4/20/2010
37. In The Street 4/20/2010
38. Dirge 4/20/2010
39. Ireland 4/20/2010
40. Labour — Capital — Land 4/20/2010

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Best Poem of Francis William Lauderdale Adams

The Peasants' Revolt

THRO' the mists of years,
Thro' the lies of men,
Your bloody sweat and tears,
Your desperate hopes and fears
Reach us once again,
Brothers, who long ago,
For life's bitter sake,
Toiled and suffered so,
Robbery, insult, blow,
Rope and sword and stake:
Toiled and suffered, till
It burst, the brightening hope,
'Might and right' and 'will and skill,'
That scorned, and does, and will,
Sword and stake and rope!
Wat and Jack and John,
Tyler, Straw, and Ball,
Souls that faltered not,
Hearts like white iron hot,
Still we hear your call!
Yes, ...

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Dai Butsu

He sits. Upon the kingly head doth rest
The round-balled wimple, and the heavy rings
Touch on the shoulders where the swallow clings;
The downward garment shows the ambiguous breast;
The Face--that Face one scarce can look on, lest
One learn the secret of unspeakable things;
But the dread gaze descends with shudderings
To the veiled couched knees, the hands and thumbs close-pressed.
O lidded downcast eyes that bear the weight

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