Defeat? Poem by Francis William Lauderdale Adams


Rating: 2.7

WHO is it speaks of defeat? —
I tell you a Cause like ours
Is greater than defeat can know;
It is the power of powers!
As surely as the earth rolls round,
As surely as the glorious sun
Follows the great world moon-wave,
Must our Cause be won!
What is defeat to us? —
Learn what a skirmish tells,
While the great Army marches on
To storm earth's Hells!

Chinedu Dike 23 October 2019

A beautiful motivational and inspiring piece of poetry, well conceived and nicely penned in persuasive poetic expressions with artistic brilliance. A powerful work of art.

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Nanthinii Mohan 14 August 2015

Lovely lines that describe the strength of a Cause amid a even more stronger defeat... Just an iota of difference but with a larger meaning.... I think the victory of the defeat depends on how strong the cause is..

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Susan Williams 14 August 2015

What a frightening and fierce thing a Cause can be. In some religious senses, it is a good thing. In other religious senses, it can be the opposite and strive against spirituality. A cause in any sphere of activity- political, medical, philosophical, business- can be ghastly because people come to believe in the rightness of the cause that they fail to examine it and keep on examining it. Uh, returning to this poem, it is well done and spirited but I still hear the distant hoofbeats of doom.

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Stephen W 14 August 2015

Quite right. The poem has a whiff of the kamikaze about it.

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Ramesh T A 14 August 2015

Cause over defeat has more power than defeat itself!

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