Art Poem by Francis William Lauderdale Adams


Rating: 2.8

'YES, let Art go, if it must be
That with it men must starve —
If Music, Painting, Poetry
Spring from the wasted hearth!'
Yes, let Art go, till once again
Through fearless heads and hands
The toil of millions and the pain
Be passed from out the lands:
Till from the few their plunder falls
To those who've toiled and earned
But misery's hopeless intervals
From those who've robbed and spurned.
Yes, let Art go, without a fear,
Like Autumn flowers we burn,
For, with her reawakening year,
Be sure she will return! —
Return, but greater, nobler yet
Because her laurel crown
With dew and not with blood is wet,
And as our Queen sit down!

Ramesh T A 20 July 2012

Materialistic man's pursuits have killed beauty in Nature and Art by destroying all natural things of best and beautiful in the world! Ugliness now due to pollution by advanced technology is raising its head everywhere plunging the world in oblivion like autumn season and winter gloom too will follow before spring of new hope of Art will come later after realisation dawn on man of those precious gems man cannot ignore ever...!

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Peter Daniel Phiri 20 July 2012

for art is the art of living

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Chinedu Dike 23 October 2019

A poignant rendition set aside forth sober reflection. An insightful work of art. Thanks for sharing.,

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Peri Traynor 20 July 2014

Art is hard, The artist suffers, mostly alone. The best ones, and most, die poor and without fair recognition until post humous.

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Douglas Scotney 21 July 2013

As if art should not participate in redistribution & only exist once we're all in heaven. I think he was a radical materialist socialist, yet still a believer in the afterlife.

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Joseph Poewhit 20 July 2013

Interesting poem to read

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Hunter Hunters 20 July 2012

The greatest art man can ever see is nature. The greatest Artist -God made everything in a unique way. I love art and thus the poem.

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