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There was never a hour when my thoughts didn't  drift to you
And fill my mind with the immensity of you 
There was never a time of regret
Only times filled with hope

There was a time of sadness
Dark and cold it was
Love had died and rotted there
Memories and dreams both crushed

To hear your voice 
To hear the  song
Memories of summer days
Warm summer nights 

Do you miss me
Do you miss me as I miss you
Do days seem to blur 
Were all you do means nothing

Days are troubled
Wearied from endless toil
Dreams disappear and crumble 
Thoughts ravage my mind 

How many times can my heart break
How many different ways
Just when is starts to mend
You seem to take it all away

Oh winds of time blow me
To the past or to the future
But don't stay still today
Take me to the birth of my children


Why do you burn inside me
Why do you take my breath away
Why do you make my heart beat
Why do you make me wonder

Hope against all hope
That times will change
A word lingers
In time and place

Wrongs I have done
Made you less than whole
playing in my mind
Burn in my soul

It comes in waves
Sometimes big sometimes small
Endlessly  they pile up
Bang against me till I fall

Break the surface and you will see
Rawness, sadness
Fragile person that is me
Don't be fooled by my smile

I pull them back and see
Where passion and love once lived
Reminders of better times
Once joined in endless embrace

Happiness has me confused
Everyone seeks it
Keeps me slightly amused 
For what is it 

A touch of skin
A stirring
My hands move over the beauty of you
I am entranced

The leaves are falling
The darkness comes early
The sun leaves no warmth
The emptiness grows


Crisp is the air
Wind is silenced
It settles 
And it freshens 

Be still in the moment
Let time stand still
No more torment
Take my fill

Blessing in disguise it is
These troubled days I've had
Don't think I have ever
Felt so, ridiculously  glad

I love you are  words
Thrown about to please me
But they are empty 
Like leaves from a tree

Dom Hunt Biography

Live in the blue mountains in Australia Love writing and started to try my hand at poetry. My father loved writing poems and I didn't appreciate them as much as I should of. I would love feedback on any of my poems.I will try to write on more things but i do get consumed with love. I really appreciate all who spend the time to read a few of my poems, they are very special to me. Feel free to rate them i look forward to getting feedback on which ones need more work or the ones which touch you.)

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How I Loved You

There was never a hour when my thoughts didn't  drift to you
And fill my mind with the immensity of you 
There was never a time of regret
Only times filled with hope
There was never a dream that wasn't fulfilled 
Or a new dream that wouldn't be
There was never a breath that didn't feel the essence of you
Filling me with life 
Your touch lit my soul 
Till it burned with desire
Your smile captured joy
And spread to all you'd see
Your eyes shone of exuberance 
Promising things, that you would help me reach
Your body screamed at me
In a way that made me tremble
Your voice entered my core
Echoing sweetness through my veins
All you are, like a song
Rises and falls within
My heart beats with yours
My blood can feel you 
As it flows to all of me
Filled with you I have become
Whom I should be

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Susan Eltone 22 July 2012

Dom, Happiness; good use of asimile and metaphor, nicely written. T Love You Are The Words; unrequited love. part of life lessons. Was This Always You; very prospective, people do change part of the core of character remains unchanged. I like your style of prose. Good work, I sense you put some serious effort in your work. Stay in touch, Eltone

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