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Gankhanani Moffat Moyo was born on March 10, 1980 in Lusaka, Zambia. He studied English at the University of Zambia and graduated with distinction. As a result, Moyo was asked to stay as a trainee lecturer, while also being awarded a fellowship to read English at the Masters level.

Apart from teaching Drama and Literature at the University of Za ...

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It is the fire of the bushes
And the winds of the wilderness
And the dust of the skies
That gives Africa its name
It is the gods of the deep
And the devils of the high
And the fowl of the air
And the angels that care:
It is the green of life
And the dark brown of souls
And the clay pot of life by the Msoro tree
And the waters of the Zambezi
Freely but furiously falling to form the famous Victoria Falls
And, at dawn, the sound of nature
And, at night, the moon of beauty
And the nature we nurture
That gives Africa its name
This is Africa.

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Gankhanani Moffat Moyo Popularity

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