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Gary Bryson Poems

1. Sunset 3/7/2006
2. What Is The Meaning Of 'Is' 3/8/2006
3. I Collect My Thoughts 3/14/2006
4. I Am A Tree 3/22/2006
5. No Shadows Cast Ye Little Stars 3/29/2006
6. The Dark Ages 3/31/2006
7. Japanese Beetles 4/10/2006
8. O Love Their Sits A Lion In The Gate 5/3/2006
9. For Respect 3/7/2006
10. His Smile Came Easy 3/7/2006
11. Mayapples 3/6/2006
12. My Hometown 3/21/2006
13. Martins 3/27/2006
14. What Quest Do You Make 3/20/2006
15. Sonnet From A Deaf Admirer 3/29/2006
16. The Poems That She Read 3/6/2006
17. The Hawk (Haiku) 4/21/2006
18. Boys Growing Up In The 1950’s 3/8/2006
19. Ants 3/6/2006
20. (new Haiku) 3/16/2006
21. Carpe Diem 3/13/2006
22. Antartica 3/22/2006
23. *saul, Saul 3/7/2006
24. *'Ego Eimi' 3/24/2006
25. A Winter Walk 3/20/2006
26. *lord, Lord, I Cannot See 4/12/2006
27. Across The Garden Wall 3/24/2006
28. Death Of A Duck 4/12/2006
29. (haiku) 3/10/2006
30. Forgotten Paths Of Yore 3/7/2006
31. A Riddle 3/20/2006
32. *the Essence Of God 3/20/2006
33. *a Ship Called Foolish Fate 3/6/2006
34. Cause There Be Tigers Lurking There 3/24/2006
35. A Young Mother Waits Lonely 3/7/2006
36. *one Breath Against The Wind 3/6/2006
37. *sodom And Gomorrah 3/21/2006
38. A Sonnet To The Wounded Warriors 3/24/2006
39. Find Rest My Soul In Lyric’s Chime 3/6/2006
40. The Lost Muse 3/9/2006

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Best Poem of Gary Bryson

*where Do Poems Come From

Where do poems come from?
My young daughter said.
Do they come from a poem tree
That grows in your head?
Or is there a cloud
That rains in your mind?
And waters the verses
Of a nursery rhyme vine.

Daddy, where do the poems come from?
I just want to know.
Are they like a big quilt
You imagine and sew.
Or do poems make a picture
Like a painting so fine?
Just please don’t stop saying
My poems at bedtime.


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Mayapples green in forest’s shade,
Victim of a boy’s imagination.
Stick sword in hand, leafy enemy he slays,
Victory the boy’s destination.
An army of mayapples in the wood by the stream,
In silence they mass their attack.
With his sword as he stands, through the fog of the dream,
With his bravery he drove them all back.
None witnessed the fight, or his terror and might,

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