*where Do Poems Come From Poem by Gary Bryson

*where Do Poems Come From

Rating: 2.8

Where do poems come from?
My young daughter said.
Do they come from a poem tree
That grows in your head?
Or is there a cloud
That rains in your mind?
And waters the verses
Of a nursery rhyme vine.

Daddy, where do the poems come from?
I just want to know.
Are they like a big quilt
You imagine and sew.
Or do poems make a picture
Like a painting so fine?
Just please don’t stop saying
My poems at bedtime.


Purple Rose 06 March 2006

Just tell your daughter that they come from the heart and the soul. From places noone else can look into! Regards Purple Rose

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Sylvia Spencer 06 March 2006

Gary I think this poem is so cute, and I can see your daughter asking those questions. You just tell her from me, that I said that her Daddy must not stop writing poems, because if there all like this one then I will enjoy reading them just as much as she likes listerning to them. cheers Sylvie

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Smoky Hoss 16 December 2015

I love this one, it is simply beautiful.

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G. Akanji Olaniyi 16 December 2015

That is just it........where do they come from? A question I have tried to answer many times with little success. Read my poem titled: The Poet's Reply.... it wonders on the same issue.

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Brian Dorn 05 November 2006

Gary, I like the idea of poems coming from a poe(tree) . Cute write, well done! ! Brian

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Devang Gandhi 07 March 2006

I really don't no what to say. How you managed to make this rhyme, I will never know. But anyway, good poem, keep up the good work and well done.

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Arielle Perkins 07 March 2006

While reading this poems my heart wanted to cry as the words and the meanings brought a tear to my eye remembering the innocence of childhood which I as a teen greatly misunderstood. Plz do not stop pouring out youre heart because in mine youre poems have a part.

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