The Lost Muse Poem by Gary Bryson

The Lost Muse

Rating: 2.8

Aweigh now your anchors
Set trim to your sails,
For the voyage of your mind
Will spin wondrous tales.
It's a journey of hope,
A destination of dreams,
And the sea that we cross
Is not what it seems.
As a child I would travel
Questioning all I would see,
Sailing on my imagination,
To any port I would please.
Then life answered questions,
Whether I wished it or not,
And my ship ceased to sail,
To the places I sought.
Now burdened with wisdom,
Of the way things should be,
I must find my way back,
My imagination to free.
Though my years may find favor,
By some means that I use,
I’ll sail back to my youth,
To find my lost muse.


Sylvia Spencer 09 March 2006

Gary if you have been there on the imagination voyage, then I think that is good enough. Only you will see more than the real thing, you view as you see it and that's the best view of all.Such a lovely poem with so much content. cheers Sylvie

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Charles Chaim Wax 09 March 2006

the grand journey never ends and still winds sometimes impedes the quest but this wise poem proclaims ever onward always the horizon calls our for deeper sight a wonderful poem

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