Gedion Onyango

Gedion Onyango Poems

1. A Free Living 1/21/2014
2. I'M Sick Of Writing Poems 1/22/2014
3. Free And Fair Elections! 2/11/2014
4. A Rebel Hostage 2/25/2014
5. A Poem Without A Title (My Jewel) 2/25/2014
6. For You, I Fall In Love Again 2/25/2014
7. A Madman's Eulogy 2/25/2014
8. Blame It On Satan 2/25/2014
9. Indigenous Enemy Of Himself 3/6/2014
10. Imprisoned! 3/17/2014
11. All Under The Sun 3/22/2014
12. Woman Pope 3/30/2014
13. Frustrations Of Self Importance 3/30/2014
14. End Of An Era 4/21/2014
15. Maitland Graveyard 4/21/2014
16. Tongues Of Love 4/21/2014
17. Visions Between A Decade! 4/21/2014
18. The Godly Lies 4/21/2014
19. Confessions 4/22/2014
20. A Letter To My Child 4/22/2014
21. Our Soldiers In Somalia 7/8/2014
22. Nothing To My Sleep! 8/22/2014
23. A Resilient Man 8/26/2014
24. African Voter? 11/27/2014
25. Haunted Tentacles 1/19/2014
26. Our Development Partner 1/19/2014
27. Ethos Of Public Office 1/19/2014
28. Love Of My Life 1/19/2014
29. Nothing New 6/21/2016
30. 23rd November 6/21/2016
31. Death Of Intelligible Politics 11/21/2016
32. A Patriot Without Patriotism! 11/21/2016
33. Citizens And Subjects 12/4/2014
34. Second Class Citizen 1/19/2014
Best Poem of Gedion Onyango

Second Class Citizen

The other day the medicine sublimed from a public hospital
The other day we saw over the television the statesman
Promising to stop insanity in the medical sector
And stop the deaths over the floors of hospital corridors and rusted squawky beds
The other day as hospital corridors smelled of fresh and dirty wounds
We saw the statesman throwing away the daughter to bring forth his grandson in Europe
The other day the statesman purchased guns with bigger nozzles
And I saw a helpless student in the streets die from wounds injected by scary protectors of statesman
The other...

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Love Of My Life

Oh! Love of my life, you are the sky of hope
The river in our village knows this
And the birds whisper your names as I pass
I wonder how you fly so well, and carry my heart
To sit with you on the clouds,
How well you swim and how romantic the water embraces your skin
You fit with the nature that I love
And your beauty is promptly unique
Play with the flute between my fingers

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