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Geneen Meyers started her poem writing when she is about 9 or 10 years old. Her first poem was about a bear when she was about 8. There was a typhoon before so she thought of doing something else because their TV had no cable so she thought of writing a better poem. It was called Earth. She loved what she did so she kept writing poems. Geneen is a talented and a smart girl. She loves animals and loves to sing. She is studying in Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

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English Is Everywhere

English language is known world wide
From all languages that were collide
English is known everywhere
It is great to use it anywhere

Upholding English to everyone
Speaking in English is very fun
Don't be shy and show your greatness
Use it when showing competitiveness

Speaking in English is as good as gold
The language of English we need to uphold
It's very fun when you come to think of it
When you're with your friends who also loves it

When you go to any country
This is the language of everybody
Being expressed in different place
Different accents on different place

The English language is my proficiency
Never be shy and express it freely
Just be confident and you'll be okay
Uphold English Proficiency and have a great day

* I wrote this for our English Month Activity-Poem Writing Contest for the 1st year High School students-1st Place! ! =)) *

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Geneen Meyers Popularity

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