Geneen Meyers Poems

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English Is Everywhere

English language is known world wide
From all languages that were collide
English is known everywhere
It is great to use it anywhere

Fruits And Vegetables

If you want to go out and play
A healthy snack begins the day
Even if you are outside
That is what you shouldn't hide

Climate Change

Leading the fight against climate change
Lots of obstacles that we will face
Global warming is coming soon
But we'll still see the sun and moon

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is bad for you
Some have many and some have few
You can eat your sweets, that's okay
But just remember to brush your teeth everyday


I am circle and also white
And I am poison so use me wise
Bubbles, bubbles, flutter and fly
But when I am touched I will die

Mom, I'M Hungry

A funny in my tummy
I want to eat something yummy
I grabbed the phone to call my mommy
And told her, 'mom, I am hungry'


Families are so big and true
Father, mother, and babies too
I have a family who is close to me
They love me for what I want to be

Araw Ng Mga Puso

Araw ng mga puso sa buwan ng Pebrero
Paboritong araw ng maraming tao
Araw ng mga puso'y tanging gusto
Mapatunayan ang pagmamahal niya'y husto

I Will Never Say Goodbye

We only met for quite a while
And I enjoyed your every smile
Quite sometime I often say
The word hi everyday


Hot or cold, what could it be?
Summer is here just look and see
It's not winter or autumn here
Summer is something we shouldn't fear

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