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Maybe is humor
Laughs now.

Death is gizmo
making life
as speed of sound.

Her flawless curvatures
is price enough to gaze
in amazement.

Was on a night as this
Papa carve me a new heart
knife would carve meticulously
emancipating to atmosphere

serendipity blue

is the ocean in her eyes

Is there a muse in thee house of shame
ov kinder spirited fire
long-lockets ov black hair
breasted armors for chest

O' Macbeth
My sweet Macbeth
have thou gone the great passage?

Wearing these shredded garments of happiness,
I journey into the abyss.
Dragging each step to suffer more-
Learning to sustain my final burn.

Subdue by the seat of obsession
I travel by chauffeur car.
Ever so often viewing the sites through glossy eyes,
colors change and in all the shapes i see her face...

It was there at the stroke of midnight.
I found my mind lost in depth of thought,
digging a solitary grave deep within me.

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" To have striven, to have made an effort, to have been true to certain ideals - this alone is worth the struggle. We are here to add what we can to, not to get what we can from, life." - Sir William Osler,1849-1919 Canadian Physician, Medical Historian-)

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Who Knows What I Did But Its Funny

Maybe is humor
Laughs now.

Who is to say
how many more times
one is to be erase
from ever been.

Funny is reason
Where none seem apparent
But Who is to understand humor
better than Who understands laughter

Who knows
Who cares
Is humor Who laughs now.

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Vishus Vixxxen 05 March 2012

I am absolutely blown away by your poetry. I would've never believed it. Totally amazing! ! ! ! V

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