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A song of the soldiers, after the war

Flanders mud, Flanders mud,

August Bank Holiday

What shall we do today, Maggie?
Let's take the kids to the country;

Come here and watch the trains go by.
Stand and watch!
Wave at all the windows,
There are faces there! All blank in silent thoughts,

I like the way that trains come into stations,
they have a sense of purpose, seldom found
in buses when they reach their destinations:
even aircraft act like they're reluctant

'And this is Queen Victoria' said the guide
'As you can see she's not amused'.
He laughed and moved on.
A gawp of tourists trailed behind.

I saw you in the swimming pool
And recognised you straight away,
Despite the fact that you've grown fat
And your hair is going grey.

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Fell in love with poetry at Grammar school after reading Rupert Brooke. Membership of the Manchester Poetical Society lapsed after moving to North Wales. Professionally, a career as a motor engineer, then after redundancy qualified as a teacher in Adult and Further Education and as a Business Adviser and Trainer. Interests include motorcycling, steam locomotives, guitar playing and stretching the mind.)

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Flanders Mud

A song of the soldiers, after the war

Flanders mud, Flanders mud,
A million dead for no damn good,
They went to show the world they could,
They're under crosses made of wood.

Some were blown to smithereens,
Mostly kids still in their teens,
But some are lame and some are blind,
And some are simply off their minds.

Light a candle, say a prayer,
Some survive, and that's not fair,
But the world just doesn't care
To know what they have suffered there.

It's hard for them to laugh and sing,
And hard the nightmares that sleep brings,
So don't switch off the bedroom light,
They'll wake up screaming in the night.

Just walk down rows of Portland stone,
And think about the boys you've known,
That lived in Everybody Street,
And now lie dead beneath your feet.

They didn't think that they would die,
They didn't think to wonder why,
They just went off, expecting glory,
Now few are left to tell their story.

Those who live, the world's forgotten,
Forgotten too, the dead and rotten,
All those deaths and all the that pain,
To stop it happening again……………..

Geoff Skellon
November 2008

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If you give your children just two things, let one be roots and the other be wings.

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