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When best-laid plans have fallen to waste
and frustration abounds in their former place,
when failure looms with doubts and fears
we must endeavor to persevere!

Robins on the front lawn, waiting for a worm,
back from winters hideaway where days were mostly warm.
Shovel in the flowerbeds, blisters on my hands,
sparrows in my martin house, bare feet in the sand.

The grand old house is gone now from the hill on which it stood,
for a hundred years and then some, through the bad years and the good.
It was my favorite landmark on this often traveled road
to see it sent me dreaming of the toils of time it showed.

Mother, such a beautiful word just the sound brings a smile to my heart.
Just the thought of the word takes me back through the years by the memories that shall never depart.
Memories of an often rebellious child unknowing of her grief and pain,
unwilling to help ease her burdens and fears, harboring only thoughts of self gain.

Long ago and far away
God created a soul one day.
A beautiful soul it had to be
for it had a special purpose you see.

Christmas trees and Christmas bells
Christmas lights and all the frills.
Smiles on all the children’s faces
Special foods and yuletide graces.

With heart heavy-laden I remember back when
things were much different way back then.
When neighbors were neighbors for miles around,
not just some other person living in the same town.

I visited today a warehouse of wisdom,
tears of sadness clouded my eyes.
There the aged and infirm seek a familiar face
and stifle their grieving cries.

What gift have I to leave behind
for my children and theirs,
that will last for all time?
What is it of me

Hunny I miss you, I'd sure like to kiss you,
to gaze upon your beautiful face.
I'd love to be near you, let my longing ears hear you
sweetly singing Amazing Grace.

When just a babe I was protected by my mothers watchful eyes,
ever vigilant for any danger she was there should need arise.
She fed me when I hungered, changed me when I was soiled
and through my childhood cared for me, through night and day she toiled.

Once upon a fairy tale a girl set longing gaze,
She dreamed of knights on chargers
And a prince to fill her days.

J: Just because it thrills me so to hear your angel voice
and just to know I’m yours because long ago you made that choice.
Just your gentle touch at night takes away the daily cares
and gives me strength to face tomorrow if you’ll just be with me there.

Oh regal crown what brow is this
that fiery thorn doth pierce.
What tear doth well in bleeding eye
for soul of man to shield.

The old lighthouse on yonder reef still stands
warning pilgrims of the dangers in unseen lands.
Death lurks for the unwary pilgrims here
as ships drive onward toward destruction so near.

What man can tell what wondrous beauties
have past but once this way
unseen by human eye because
t’was closed in sleep at end of day.

Many years ago when just a boy
I would go outside to play with some toy.
I could be in the pasture or down by the creek
or perhaps in the trash dump, for more playthings to seek.

Until death us do part was the promise we made
through happiness and heartbreak together we stay.
No goodbyes or farewells or 'I don't love you anymore',
no, 'I now love another more exciting than before'.

For Judy, my wife, on our seventeenth Valenversary

Love is such a tender thing
Like the daffodils in early spring.

Whose children are these that wander the street?
Have they no home where they can safely find sleep?
Who are their parents and have they no love
for the greatest gift ever from our Father above?

George Wootton Biography

I have enjoyed reading poetry for as long as I can remember, even as a youngster. I began writing in my teens, short stories and plays but little poetry at that time. Poetry came along in my more recent years as the riggors of life began to really close in, as a way to express my feelings. For a long while they were kept to myself but family and friends encouraged me to publish some of them so I compiled a small collection of a hundred or so and had a booklet printed. I enjoy reading others work and seeing that I am not the only person with similar problems and joys. To some my words may not be particularly enjoyable but that is OK too, they are my feelings and expressions and not meant to change the world over to my way of thinking, (heaven forbid) . If the reader identifies with or enjoys them then I am blessed, if not then please don't be too critical.)

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Endeavor To Persevere

When best-laid plans have fallen to waste
and frustration abounds in their former place,
when failure looms with doubts and fears
we must endeavor to persevere!

When dreams are shattered and hopes are dashed,
goals upon the shoals have crashed,
when gladness is but a memory dear
let us endeavor to persevere.

When sons and daughters from God rebel
and the paths they follow lead straight to hell
your fervent prayers God does not hear
pledge to endeavor to persevere.

When wracked with pain, our body worn,
youth is spent, don't be forlorn,
a better day is growing near
while we endeavor to persevere.

When all is lost, life’s' cupboard bear,
and seems like even God don't care,
His grace is sufficient in the trials and tears,
still we endeavor to persevere.

This present life is hard at best
but we must strive to complete the test
for our redemption draweth near
as we endeavor to persevere.

A restful home for us awaits,
we long to enter heaven's gates,
the promise of peace and never a tear
if we endeavor to persevere.

Christ Himself will take our hand
and guide us through this beautiful land,
the saints will tell us they're glad we're here
and that we endeavored to persevere!

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