Endeavor To Persevere Poem by George Wootton

Endeavor To Persevere

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When best-laid plans have fallen to waste
and frustration abounds in their former place,
when failure looms with doubts and fears
we must endeavor to persevere!

When dreams are shattered and hopes are dashed,
goals upon the shoals have crashed,
when gladness is but a memory dear
let us endeavor to persevere.

When sons and daughters from God rebel
and the paths they follow lead straight to hell
your fervent prayers God does not hear
pledge to endeavor to persevere.

When wracked with pain, our body worn,
youth is spent, don't be forlorn,
a better day is growing near
while we endeavor to persevere.

When all is lost, life’s' cupboard bear,
and seems like even God don't care,
His grace is sufficient in the trials and tears,
still we endeavor to persevere.

This present life is hard at best
but we must strive to complete the test
for our redemption draweth near
as we endeavor to persevere.

A restful home for us awaits,
we long to enter heaven's gates,
the promise of peace and never a tear
if we endeavor to persevere.

Christ Himself will take our hand
and guide us through this beautiful land,
the saints will tell us they're glad we're here
and that we endeavored to persevere!

Camel 19 March 2022

@C.R. Clark to be clear about hope, it is not faith it is right before 'Fall on Your Sword' basiclly make sense? ? THen if God is in us, we are of God does that not make us Gods? ? We save us, no savior AlwaysFOrward~Godspeed

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Richard Altman 17 April 2017

Does this poem pre-date The Outlaw Josey Wales or was the line endeavor to persevere inspired by that movie?

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Chris Fearl 30 April 2015

I stumbled upon this poem by searching a quote from 'The Outlaw Josey Wales'. I can really understand this work, it is like the anthem of both my wife's and my life. Through the struggles and pain, we both have endeavored to persevere, sharing both blessings and hardship with stubborn optimism that others find fascinating. I hope you will be pleased to know that I intend to fold up two copies of this poem to keep with our ID's. I think it will be something to remind us what we keep working towards. With appreciation.

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C.R. Clark 15 March 2008

Wow! I do like this poem. It recognizes that life is not a bed of roses but, we still have great hope in HIM. You have penned it wonderfully, the rhythm, the rhyme, it's great. Thanks Richard

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fjgiie 06 September 2018

The movie by 30 years came first. Look it up

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