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Sultans of the Ottoman
Men of Timbuctoo,
Lotharios all over
But none could love like you.

Your horse no longer has legs, your body has lost its head.
The excitement of the chase, the take,
Is what thrills you.

I am evaluating myself
What an equation to solve!
Looking algebraically at my reflection

Fat drops roll down my cheeks, they grieve
The part of me I gave to you,
The inconceivable part, that nobody ever gets a hold of.

There are many a thing, about being a lad,
That I remember still to this day.
But 'ave good manners, they cost you nothing,
Is what me ole grandpa would say.

I see them up in the air,
Their noses point towards you.
You are above, amongst the giants,
I see you Sirius. I see you Ursa, your tail is poised.

I can think of none such awful time,
Than this ordeal filled with strife
I may even take my life,
At the thought of losing you.

My mother loved nothing more,
Than to quaff, Champagne galore.
What was her favourite? It slips my mind,
So many bottles, not enough time!


Thirteen am and we’re gliding. The streets love us now.
Look at me! I stood over them all,
Bow to me…I love you.
I see you encompassed by your smoke,

You sent your first token of love to me on a piece of brown parchment, strung to flowers that remind you of my womanhood. A man in galoshes swam through the rain and hovered staunchly above my doorstep to deliver me your gift. At first I thought "this man is a bailiff"
He floated with his arm outstretched, my name written con serif on a tiny envelope strung against the pretty coloured lips. The palette of them was soft and I felt like I was dreaming. All the real world seemed so far away but I could feel your newly discovered love with me in this realm of the senses.
There, in the rain, I wasn't dressed properly.
What I remember most clearly is the bell chime ting a ling of that steady steam of drops upon the lantern next to my lobe.

Georgina Murray Biography

I am to turn 26 this year. Tumultuous has been my life. A near constant struggle with how I fit into the world is starting to ease off. Starting writing bits during a very dark teenage year - I always would write after someone had taken something from me, a theme startlingly obvious in some of my poems. In recent years I have learnt to write when I'm happy, and last year was asked to write a poem for a book that was coming out. I started writing editorials briefly for a couple of independent magazines at the start of this year, and I currently have a plan for a novel which seems a long way off being written, but I have faith something will come of it. I like to paint and draw, and recently have been inspired by Matisse's free and easy style; the vast amount of work Picasso produced; and the terrible serenity I find in some of Magritte's work. I guess in the writing world, I was heavily inspired by the lady herself, Ms. Plath; discovering her work about 5 years ago was a real joy to me. I also loved the metaphysical poets, with Thomas Carew's 'To my mistress in absence' being a firm favourite. I can't deny I used a few lines of that poem to woo men after I had heard it....boy did it work a treat! If I'm being perfectly honest, I don't read many other poets works. Perhaps after reading my work one could suggest some I may enjoy? I recently got into spoken word, which I find fascinating. I've had a couple of goes myself, but 'Hold On' is my best (unfinished) attempt so far. I think that's enough about me, I am unfamiliar with this site as my partner just decided he was going to put my work up without telling me. I hope you enjoy what you see and any feedback given is greatly appreciated, I have been terrified to let my poems out online in fear of them being snatched away. Anyway, enjoy :) peace n love brothers and sisters)

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Sultans Of The Ottoman

Sultans of the Ottoman
Men of Timbuctoo,
Lotharios all over
But none could love like you.

Your tireless strength, the smile inside,
It's all the small things that you hide.
I'm lost, and I'm wandering through.
It's like a drug, loving you

The constant craving
The bad comedown,
Yet all this fades
When you're around.

Your secret scent, just like the deer
Im intoxicated, I want you near.
I can't hold on,
I need my fix
Embrace me now, I crave your lips.

Maybe Harlow may have seen
Our most unusual fate,
Just like the rhesus and its mother
Such a companion you would make.

It's your gravity that pulls me,
Not the love pushing down,
A grip of juxtaposition,
When I'd stopped looking, a vice I have found.

When you look at me you see me,
And all the beauty that's within.
I want to be your partner,
As your woman I'll let you in.

An unquenchable drive, a burning fire,
A little phoenix flying higher.
Such beautiful creatures from our ashes,
Who'd have thought, life from such malice.

There's so much love to show you,
But never in one life,
Let us pass it on eternally,
Your friend, a mother, your wife.

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