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Germina Melius is an emerging writer, Book Reviewer, and Research Assistant. Her literary work has been featured in The Caribbean Writer Magazine, Business Focus Saint Lucia, Inner Child Press' Anthology (writers for humanity) , PoetryandCovid, Haiku Corner, Haiku Foundation blog: Troutswirl, Ginyu Magazine, World Haiku Anthology, Failed Haiku, and ...

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‘Go to school, study hard, the money will come.' John's father preached his sermon.
John did only one.

His Hands

Her father's hands extend beyond the land.
Her hands are sealed like the mouth of his vault.
Trembling with every grasp, his wrinkled hands
will never find their youth.


From the gloomy dust, I rise from Hades' spell to see the sun's glory on a splendid morning.
The inner man greets me.
Rise from the clay that binds you, and from the gutter's belly.
Rise to see your Father's radiant face watching the human soul.


You walk on moons, but I see pitch, and unpaved roads.
I walk on the crust of land, and envy ships swimming on water.
The world walks on its hurting soul, and on ancient bones.
Children bare feet, travel on unpaved roads,

What Is Love?

What is Love?
I cannot find,
A hostage in the hands of time.

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19 April 2021

Life is a bird, fly.

28 April 2021

Thorns cannot hurt a rock but love can.

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