1. With A Heavy Heart I Bode You Farewell.... 1/7/2010
2. My Quest... 1/7/2010
3. Can Dreams Come True? 5/9/2010
4. Was It When You.... 5/9/2010
5. Where To Next 5/9/2010
6. How Easy It All Seemed Then 5/9/2010
7. My Angel, May You Be Free.... 5/9/2010
8. As The Autumn Turns To Winter, 10/24/2010
9. Why Do I Miss You So… 10/28/2010
10. The Music…. 10/28/2010
11. A Dozen Memories... 11/5/2010
12. If Only You Were Here 12/2/2010
13. Hope… 12/2/2010
14. My Angel, I Am In Despair 12/4/2010
15. The Sands Of Time… 1/6/2011
16. Fly Away 9/9/2007
17. If I Knew….. 11/2/2008
18. Stripped Bare 11/2/2008
19. Despair 11/2/2008
20. Feeling Whole Again 11/2/2008
21. All Alone.... 5/3/2009
22. Wanting 5/3/2009
23. Friend Or Foe? 5/10/2009
24. If Only I Knew.... 1/7/2010
25. Cloaked Venom 8/30/2007
26. Knowing...Or Do I 4/4/2011
27. Don’t Deny Us This 10/29/2007
28. Why Can'T It Be Me 11/1/2007
29. As The Time Comes To Say Goodbye 8/7/2011
30. The Final Straw 9/9/2007
31. Empty Sorrow 5/10/2009
32. Is What We Have Worth Fighting For? 1/7/2010
33. Please Let My Heart Go 7/11/2007
34. Darkness 7/11/2007
35. Wondering, Hoping... 8/7/2011
36. A Plea 7/11/2007
37. Please Walk Away 8/11/2007
38. Where Do I Go 8/14/2007
39. Drifting Through Time.... 5/10/2009
40. Shadow 7/11/2007

Comments about GHOST WRITER

  • Marci Made (7/12/2007 3:39:00 PM)

    Dear Ghost Writer, this is Marci and that is my name, I am no one else, I barely can work the dang computer...Oh marci is actually Marcia..I apologize for any hurt I caused you, I deleted all those messages when Helen said you were not who I thought but a friend from London, though I think they gave you a US flag

    I befriended someone here in Feb and had problems in March with him in PRIVATE emails and ON HIS CELL PHONE when he called me...Before that he left and came back as Ghost Writer, when we were friends and he had left for a job that fell through. Your writings are similar to one of the styles he uses under other names. I have now been slammed all over the Forum, accused of things that never happened and ones that did, were in private not a public spot. Also some other poor writer is being accused of being me....Don't worry, after all he's said I'm sure he'll never read me again... He also knows how to change his numbers, the one given to the poem and is the only other person on this site, of the few I know, that does.
    Again, if you are not him I sincerely apologize. I know what it's like to be falsely accused as well as lied about, about something that happened in late March, not in the last 24 hours. He used this name after the first job didn't work out and we joked that I'd figured it out by his words..He has four excellent styles of writing but his treatment and lies about me today are not warrented. marci.

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  • Ghost Writer (7/12/2007 2:43:00 PM)

    Marci made has got me mistaken with someone else. this is my first time on any site for poetry. I joined under good advice of a very dear friend and this is my first time publishing any poems to date. I am sorry to hear that she has taken to my work so badly, but hope she will be able to give me a fair chance as my own person.

    To all the other comments I have received I thank you very much for the kind words and support.


A Picture My Captive

I see your smile
Your eyes
Your lips
A picture I can’t seem to let go
So handsome
So sexy
I am drawn to you in my mind
I am pulled toward you in my heart
And all that by looking at your picture

The memories flood my brain
I can recall your voice
Your touch
The sweet words that sometimes escaped your lips
Your scent
Your hands
The warmth of your embrace
Your smile
And your laugh

And all of this from a picture
I see you in person and I crumble
All barriers come down
All hurt fades away
And all I long for is a few stolen ...

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Fly Away

Now I am here
Soon I’ll be there

No reason to shop
No cause to plan
I am off to another land

Get out of here
Another point of view

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