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Rating: 4.33

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O saffron flower! sitting in silent meditation
And radiating the fire of youth,
Many a famed beauty swoons
Seeing your amazing, flaming form.

Come, O Gardener!
Come to create the glory of a new spring.
A spring in which
the gul will bloom,

The pangs of love are consuming me.
Beloved, I offer you my life.

How soon after enchanting me you left, O wizard !
Life's springtime, O my youth !

Stay your feet, my love, to let me kiss them
With my life. O, listen to my tale of woe !

O saqi, may your wine never cease to flow,
And may your glass forever have
The radiance of the sun !

O Lord of Love, I surrender myself,
Body and soul to your will ! Show me
The right path, and sustain my failing courage!

Haunting memories of bygone days,
And love songs ringing in my ears!
My heart is all at sea.

O golden oriole, winter's gone,
Gay spring has come again !
Step out and feast your weary eyes
On the myraid flowers abloom.

Let us all offer thanksgiving,
For Freedom has come to us;
It's after ages that she has beamed
Her radiance on us.

Come, gardener! Create the glory of spring! Make
Guls bloom and bulbuls sing - create such haunts!

The dew weeps, and your garden lies desolate;
Tearing their robes, your flowers are distracted.
Breathe life once again into the lifeless gul and the bulbul!

Let the immanent soul dwell in you
Like light in a jewel, so that all barriers
Are removed that separate you from God.

Fussy bird, you do not know
Who drink delight from bud and blossom:
Ravish spring in all her beauty -
Fussy bird, you do not know

Allured by your elegant grace,
T wandered over many a desolate place
To understand the maddening mystery
Of your superb craftsmanship.

Was the promise you now break just casual words,
That you leave, dear friend, forsaking me?

My words of love might melt your heart,
But my speech departs on meeting you!

The bulbul sings to the flowers:
'A garden is our land! '

The hyacinth says to the violet,
'Why are you hiding thus?

My rose gardens fill with ecstasy
Bulbuls and poshinools;
Forlorn hearts find solace
In my meadows and waterfalls.

Beloved! I've made for you many a lovely thing -
Wine cups fashioned out of jessamine petals,

Enchanting tales woven from your short breath or two
(which is all your speech to hint a yes or no) ,

With the light of my eyes as an ofering,
I'll prostrate myself at my beloved's feet,
And pour out my heart to him

Stay a while, beloved, or make your steps
Soft and slow, so that you can be seen.

O leave that frown! Just a kind look from you
Would heal all wounds and fulfil all desires.

Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor Biography

Peerzada Ghulam Ahmad (Kashmiri: ग़ुलाम अहमद (Devanagari), غلام احمد (Nastaleeq)), better known by the pen name Mahjoor (Kashmiri: महजूर (Devanagari), مہجور (Nastaleeq)), was a renowned poet of the Indian Kashmir Valley, along with contemporaries, Zinda Kaul, Abdul Ahad Azad, Dinanath Nadim. He is especially noted for introducing a new style into Kashmiri poetry and for expanding Kashmiri poetry into previously unexplored thematic realms. In addition to his poems in Kashmiri, Mahjoor is also noted for his poetic compositions in Persian and Urdu. Early Life Mahjoor was in the village of Metragam, Pulawama, which is located approximately 37 km from the city of Srinagar. Mahjoor followed in the academic footsteps of his father, who was a scholar of Persian language. He received the primary education from the Maktab of Aashiq Trali (a renowned poet) in Tral. After passing the middle school examination from Nusrat-ul-Islam School, Srinagar, he went to Punjab where he came in contact with Urdu poets like Bismil Amritsari and Moulana Shibi Nomani. He returned to Srinagar in 1908 and started writing in Persian and then in Urdu. Determined to write in his native language, Mahjoor used the simple diction of traditional folk storytellers in his writing. Mahjoor worked as a patwari (regional administrator) in Kashmir. Along with his official duties, he spent his free time writing poetry, and his first Kashmiri poem 'Vanta hay vesy' was published in 1918. Poetic Legacy Many of the themes of the poetry of Mahjoor involved freedom and progress in Kashmir, and his poems awakened latent nationalism among Kashmiris. His popular verses engaged such topics as love, communal harmony, social reform, and the plight of the Kashmiris. He also wrote on such timeless themes as youth, the flowers of Nishat Garden, peasant girls, gardeners, and the golden oriole. At that time, such songs were unknown in formal Kashmiri poetry. Mahjoor is also recognized as a poet who revolutionized the traditional forms of nazm and ghazal. In 1972, a bilingual film named Shayar-e-Kashmir Mahjoor was released with the Hindi version starring Balraj Sahni. A square in Srinagar is named after him. He is buried near the poetess Habba Khatoon at a site near Athwajan on the Jammu-Srinagar national highway.)

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O Saffron Flower! Sitting In Silent Meditation

O saffron flower! sitting in silent meditation
And radiating the fire of youth,
Many a famed beauty swoons
Seeing your amazing, flaming form.

All guts have run away,
Leaving the field for you,
Like the stars hide themselves
When the sun ascends the heavens.

You were the last to arrive,
But proved the lord of all.
All lovers of flowers have arrived
To pay their homage to you.

O saffron flower, have you ever
Thought of the plight of one
Who nursed you, made you bloom,
And has been your friend in need?

He guarded you on every front,
Undeterred by the blazing sun,
Saw that no animal, big or small,
Ever harmed your steady growth.

Right from his birth till now,
He has been your devoted vassal,
Though he stands worn out, his face
Dark, disfigured, patched and peeled.

Sorrows have given him pallor,
Dust covers his slender frame.
Couldn't you, in kindness, spare for him
A little of your rosy hue?

You'll soon be moving all over the world;
But how on earth could you
Forget your dearest friend,
Now grovelling in the dust?

Mahjoor, why came you so early?
You could have delayed your arrival,
So that people could flock to buy you,
Like they buy saffron flowers.

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