Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor Poems

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O bulbul, let the freedom urge possess your soul!
Bid good bye to your cage, step out,
Gather your flowers and enjoy their bloom!

O Saffron Flower! Sitting In Silent Meditation

O saffron flower! sitting in silent meditation
And radiating the fire of youth,
Many a famed beauty swoons
Seeing your amazing, flaming form.

Come, O Gardener

Come, O Gardener!
Come to create the glory of a new spring.
A spring in which
the gul will bloom,

The Pangs Of Love Areconsuming Me

The pangs of love are consuming me.
Beloved, I offer you my life.

How Soon After Enchanting Me You Left, O Wizard

How soon after enchanting me you left, O wizard !
Life's springtime, O my youth !

Stay Your Feet, My Love, To Let Me Kiss Them

Stay your feet, my love, to let me kiss them
With my life. O, listen to my tale of woe !

My Heart Is Consumed With Longing

My heart is consumed with longing,
Waiting for you, wasting away !
My life lies offered at your feet.
O bless it with your look of grace !

O Lord Of Love, I Surrender Myself

O Lord of Love, I surrender myself,
Body and soul to your will ! Show me
The right path, and sustain my failing courage!

O Saqi, May Your Wine Never Cease To Flow

O saqi, may your wine never cease to flow,
And may your glass forever have
The radiance of the sun !

Haunting Memories Of Bygone Days

Haunting memories of bygone days,
And love songs ringing in my ears!
My heart is all at sea.

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