Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor Poems

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O Saqi, May Your Wine Never Cease To Flow

O saqi, may your wine never cease to flow,
And may your glass forever have
The radiance of the sun !

O Saffron Flower! Sitting In Silent Meditation

O saffron flower! sitting in silent meditation
And radiating the fire of youth,
Many a famed beauty swoons
Seeing your amazing, flaming form.

Come, O Gardener

Come, O Gardener!
Come to create the glory of a new spring.
A spring in which
the gul will bloom,

The Pangs Of Love Areconsuming Me

The pangs of love are consuming me.
Beloved, I offer you my life.

How Soon After Enchanting Me You Left, O Wizard

How soon after enchanting me you left, O wizard !
Life's springtime, O my youth !

Stay Your Feet, My Love, To Let Me Kiss Them

Stay your feet, my love, to let me kiss them
With my life. O, listen to my tale of woe !

O Lord Of Love, I Surrender Myself

O Lord of Love, I surrender myself,
Body and soul to your will ! Show me
The right path, and sustain my failing courage!

Haunting Memories Of Bygone Days

Haunting memories of bygone days,
And love songs ringing in my ears!
My heart is all at sea.

O Golden Oriole

O golden oriole, winter's gone,
Gay spring has come again !
Step out and feast your weary eyes
On the myraid flowers abloom.

Let Us All Offer Thanksgiving (Freedom)

Let us all offer thanksgiving,
For Freedom has come to us;
It's after ages that she has beamed
Her radiance on us.

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