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Asleep at the wheel
Of life

How precious you are!
Your encouraging heart
You and your words
Like a shining star.

The Great American Solar Eclipse

Share With Me- -This Total Eclipse of the Heart!

Hearts on fire
With gratitude and love
Weeping tears of gladness
As raindrops fall

From the start
you touched my heart

How do I tell you?

I'd run directly into your warmth


Whoop! Whoop!

Yipeee! ! !

Love love this,
..."Love, Love Poem"

...whether had, have, want,

Lost, I've got you
Found, I'm there
Lost, I wait for you
Found, heart's twin

Would be

Bless your heart
Much appreciation
What precious giftedness

Asking for prayer

I know you don't know me

Mon Amour,

Dreaming about you
Eventides of coolness

Say I to you

Fly, , , fly, , ,

Come Sail away with me...
I will be on that boat
Take a ride on your ship

Handle this gift with complete abandon and care
You'll shake it a little and know I'm still there
But don't shake it hard or accidentally have it fall
If you drop it like that it may bounce back like a ball

I've lost some......hope
Along the way
Til now, my faith is waning

...For your Believing

In the Granduer Picture!

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Asleep At The Wheel

Asleep at the wheel
Of life
Overcomes me
But I must
Move forward
As my heart
Has spun
In circles
One last time

No more
I give up
I give in

This monogamous body
I will close my eyes now

Please release my new single

Love's time has died
The record is scratched
Beyond repair

Time for a new director
Spin me anyway
But not in circles

I'm going to survive
But tonight
I'm Asleep
At the wheel

Tomorrow I will
With the honesty
That's staring
Faceless circles
Into poems
As I lay here
Asleep at the wheel

Defeated by

And Unconditional love
For a man
That is anything
But not into
A monogamous relationship


A prayer for my husband
Out there
I am officially ready
To meet my maker
Or meet
My destiny

You Will find me now
Asleep at the wheel


I Will Always Be
A One Man Woman

And I Will Never Be
With Him
A Two Timing Man

Welcome to reality
Just be thankful
For truth
Truth has surely
Set me free

I Deserve
My husband...
To be

One Woman

Until then
I will close my eyes
For I am too tired


God help me
I've been sleeping

Asleep at the wheel

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Death...Choose Life!

Evil Spirits...Pray, In Jesus Name, Welcome Holy Spirit!

Love, like Time, Never Loses it's Heartbeat!

Time, like Love, Never Loses it's Heartbeat!

Love and Time Share the Same Heart light!

Life is Short, Stars Do Not Wait For Us To Catch On!

Poems have the ability to love us unconditionally!

'People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.' Maya Angelou

When I wake up in the morning, I ask myself, how can I change my life? Strive to do those things. Then ask, how can I bring positive change into someone else's life? Strive to do those things

Words emulate truths that resonate beyond

No hurries, no worries, just flitting along...👼

Let promises be your word

Let Your Word Keep Promises

Be Love, Loved, Love!


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