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Rookie (December 1988 / Born in California but my 'Homeland' will always be Missouri)

Glaedr the poet Poems

1. Watching The Storm 5/11/2006
2. Personalities (A Mind In Perfect Balance) 5/11/2006
3. The Random Practicing Of A High School Band 5/12/2006
4. Preserving A Friendship (Not Letting Emotions Get In The Way) 5/23/2006
5. Waiting For The End (Patience Is Truly A Virtue) 5/23/2006
6. Hail Dragon! 5/23/2006
7. Laments And Longing For A Friend 6/19/2006
8. What Is This Feeling? 6/22/2006
9. An Average Soldier 6/28/2006
10. I Don’t Like Her, But Can’t Help To Love Her 8/20/2006
11. Lifetime Animal Center (Aka My Place Of Employment) 3/4/2007
12. Never Truly Been Kissed 3/7/2007
13. Just Another Heartbroken Poem 5/16/2007
14. I Am (Emotion) Ii 6/28/2007
15. Wishing I Was A Dragon 7/16/2007
16. The Horsewatcher 7/19/2007
17. Anyone Can Write A Depressing Poem 7/30/2007
18. My Forbidden Love 3/12/2008
19. A New Start For My Aching Heart 3/23/2008
20. Oh Dreary Night 4/11/2008
21. Another Poem For Farewell 12/2/2008
22. My Maiden Who Came By Night 1/30/2009
23. I Call My Maiden Home 2/3/2009
24. A Meal At Night 5/21/2009
25. The Cadence 9/22/2009
26. Winter Begins 4/8/2010
27. Wishing I Was A Songbird 7/16/2007
28. The Dragon's Warning 1/25/2007
29. Wishing I Was A Horse 7/16/2007
30. A Dream Fulfilled (My First Trail Ride) 8/9/2006
31. The Anger Trapped Within 5/11/2006
32. Love Unchanged 8/7/2009
33. Homeland (I Do Not Dwell In The Past) 6/15/2006
34. All Love Has Failed Me 9/18/2006
35. A History Of Dragons 5/9/2006
36. Dreams Are Dreams And Nothing More 5/23/2006
37. I Am (Emotion) 5/24/2006
38. A Restless Night 5/14/2006
39. The Warrior's Pain Of War 5/10/2006
40. To Me What Family Is 8/17/2006

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A Poem Of Hunting, Fishing, And A Truck

I throw my gun in the back of my truck
With it I hope to kill a 12-point buck
While in the woods, BANG! I see the deer fall
I take him home, freeze the meat, and mount his horns on my wall

I grab my pole and tackle box and head to the lake
At this time in the morning, I feel barely awake
There is no school today, I’m glad there is no class
A mighty tug on my line, I hook a large mouth bass

There is nothing like hunting; waiting for the kill
Cutting and cleaning the meat my freezer I’ll soon fill
Deer steaks and deer jerky have such a great taste
And ...

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Watching The Storm

Lightning flashes, I hear the thunder's drum
I stand transfixed by this hypnotic thrum
Dark clouds veil the sky, I feel great fear
The wind whips about me, 'will the sky ever again be clear? '
'when it does, what will have been the cost?
a mighty storm it is! how many lives will be lost? '
I ponder these things, my mind wonders free
Just as the rain begins to fall upon me
I withdraw my gaze and with a gentle stride

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