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Rookie (December 1988 / Born in California but my 'Homeland' will always be Missouri)

Glaedr the poet Poems

1. Watching The Storm 5/11/2006
2. Personalities (A Mind In Perfect Balance) 5/11/2006
3. The Random Practicing Of A High School Band 5/12/2006
4. Preserving A Friendship (Not Letting Emotions Get In The Way) 5/23/2006
5. Waiting For The End (Patience Is Truly A Virtue) 5/23/2006
6. Laments And Longing For A Friend 6/19/2006
7. Lifetime Animal Center (Aka My Place Of Employment) 3/4/2007
8. Never Truly Been Kissed 3/7/2007
9. Just Another Heartbroken Poem 5/16/2007
10. I Am (Emotion) Ii 6/28/2007
11. My Forbidden Love 3/12/2008
12. A New Start For My Aching Heart 3/23/2008
13. Oh Dreary Night 4/11/2008
14. Another Poem For Farewell 12/2/2008
15. My Maiden Who Came By Night 1/30/2009
16. I Call My Maiden Home 2/3/2009
17. A Meal At Night 5/21/2009
18. Wishing I Was A Dragon 7/16/2007
19. The Horsewatcher 7/19/2007
20. The Cadence 9/22/2009
21. Winter Begins 4/8/2010
22. Wishing I Was A Songbird 7/16/2007
23. Wishing I Was A Horse 7/16/2007
24. Love Unchanged 8/7/2009
25. Homeland (I Do Not Dwell In The Past) 6/15/2006
26. A Dream Fulfilled (My First Trail Ride) 8/9/2006
27. Anyone Can Write A Depressing Poem 7/30/2007
28. The Dragon's Warning 1/25/2007
29. What Is This Feeling? 6/22/2006
30. Hail Dragon! 5/23/2006
31. An Average Soldier 6/28/2006
32. A Restless Night 5/14/2006
33. I Don’t Like Her, But Can’t Help To Love Her 8/20/2006
34. The Anger Trapped Within 5/11/2006
35. The Warrior's Pain Of War 5/10/2006
36. All Love Has Failed Me 9/18/2006
37. Dreams Are Dreams And Nothing More 5/23/2006
38. A History Of Dragons 5/9/2006
39. I Am (Emotion) 5/24/2006
40. A Poem For Mothers, And Mine 5/14/2006

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Best Poem of Glaedr the poet

Family Comes Together

Family comes together
For always and forever
In sickness and in health
In poverty or in wealth
Family comes together
For always and forever
Without any reason
Anytime or any season
Family comes together
For always and forever
In death or in life
In happiness or in strife
Family comes together
For always and forever
In anger or in kindness
Whether all seeing or in blindness
Family comes together
For always and forever
Whether for work or for play
They somehow find a way
For family to come together
Because families are forever

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A History Of Dragons

The mighty wings of the chosen
The mighty dragons long forgotten
Above all creatures do they tower
There lies within them limitless power
The human race is forvever shamed
To tame that which cannot be tamed
Death to a dragon, is an obstacle to overcome
Their spirit lives on, more powerful they become
Dragons and humans had once been friends

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