Gloria Comingore

Best Poem of Gloria Comingore

My Front Porch

I’m sitting on my front porch on this afternoon.
Reflecting on my life on this day.
There’s little in this lifetime that we can call free.
But sitting on my swing, this is what I see.
God’s great creation and all that He brings.
Birds singing softly, squirrels playing in the trees.
Flowers blooming in my front yard of every color shape and size.
Fruit growing on the vine, food on the table that you have supplied.
Sunshine and blue skies clouds floating slowly by.
Rain for the farmers, flowers and green grass.
Life here on my front porch moves a bit slowly as the ...

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Words In The Mirror

I’ve practiced in the mirror each day.
I try to find the words I want to say.
As I watch you walk away.

How do I find the words that will make you take notice?
Just long enough to let you know how I feel about you.
For I fell in love with just one glance across a crowded room.

I don’t know your name, but you’ve captured my heart just the same.

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