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Loving is so short
Forgetting so long
Better to have loved and lost

Dull moments of ecstasy and fantasy
Reverberating with stifled silence
A journey into the wonderland
A voyage into the desert of reality

In the early days—happy days
Surrounded by love and curiosity
Surrounded by the smell of soil and dust
We were happy, free and natural

On the way home
I reminisce years back, riding through this town
Looking for a job, a man with an ambition
The heat is rising, the dust is rising

When we visited the park recently
Many people were eager to see him
But I wasn't among them
I wanted to feel and see power.

The Big Speech—by Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh

The vote was drawing close, the voters closer
Comrades eagerly waiting for the speeches

We would often talk about the text
Amidst light-hearted moments of desperation
And we would quote the preacher
"The race is not to the swift

His face was on front pages of all dailies
The latest receiver of the Nobel Prize
The holy grail of academics
The face smiling defiantly

It is OK

It's ok to accept your weaknesses
That you've made a mistake

Soon, we will all die
and leave our little wealth
to our wives and husbands
or our kids and parents

A funny friend is the best friend

Among the many signs of high intellect in people, the love for solitude comes on top

I have to mourn it
The dopamine rush
The loss of innocence
The euphoria

He was sure she was gone
and walked in confidently
A few errands on his mind and phone
The morning was calm and boring

There was just something about her...
Something mysterious and deep
Some sadness in her beauty
Something withdrawn

'Mathews 6: 33 Seek first the kingdom of God'
Humans crave hope in mystery
And false hope is better than despair
We need an idol

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A poet, a creative writer, a teacher and a philosopher.)

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The Chaos Of Love

Loving is so short
Forgetting so long
Better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all

And people wonder
Why do humans love chaos?
Why are humans greedy?
Why is love so violent?
Why romance never lasts?

In the depths of the human mind
Familiarity breeds contempt
More becomes less
Less becomes more
Too much of good becomes poison
Too much peace becomes boring

And men crave occasional pain
Women miss heartbreaks
The human mind craves mystery
New becomes exciting
The blessed miss the old poverty days
The free wish to be enslaved
Mothers wish they were still girls
Girls wish they had babies
The men behave like boys
Boys behave like men

And to have lived becomes inadequate
They talk about how they lived
The righteous wish they could sin
The sinners promise to repent
And everyone craves a bit of adventure
In the hidden depths of their souls

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Sometimes unrequited love is the best human feeling, too deep, too real and too intoxicating.

Without an obsession, life is less interesting.

Men fall in love with what they cannot have

The best gift to a loving man is rejection

Love in a new relationship ends when the woman says I love you too

A funny friend is the best friend

If you want to enjoy life, find a passion

To be in paradise is to be healthy and rich

Be in love with controversial people; cherish them, because they make society question itself, and from them society evolves

Once in a while, lose yourself: it is only when you lose yourself that you discover your better self

If truly God exists, why and where is He hiding?

Men love sex and express their romantic love through giving and spending on their lovers but ultimately the more a man makes love to a woman, the more the man loves the woman

Being simple in life in spite of your wealth is the ultimate sophistication

You need some madness, some kind of intoxication for you to be a writer because writing is a boring and taxing experience

Be in love with your company, being alone helps you notice yourself, which is a more exciting experience than company of majority of people

Everything, including sex, is great if it is short and leaves space for improvement, fantasy and future fulfillment

People who have stayed single for long tend to find it hard to love and accept somebody else in their lives because they are so used to their routine that any change in the scheme of things will make them uncomfortable

Bad endings always begin as fun and innocent adventure

Experimenting anything you are told and not told to do is the best way to overcome a superstitious life and discover truth for yourself

Most people care more about how the public sees them than how they feel. Impression, it seems, always comes at the expense of one's happiness and authenticity

People are mostly born religious. They take to the religion of their families as part of their cultural duty and not as a personal need.

Expressing your anger and ecstasy through writing poetry or any art is the most mature of all human effort to ventilate pent up emotions. Art is best conceived in moments of sublimation

Among the many signs of high intellect in people, the love for solitude comes on top

If you want your man to be faithful, keep him broke

Hope excites man and makes his life bearable; even hope for a catastrophe

Without money, a man feels impotent; without beauty a woman feels invisible

Sexual fantasy is more exciting than real sex with the person of your fantasy.

If you want to stop experiencing nightmares, conquer your fears

You have your truths I have my truths But we all know, Only death is true

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