Grace Burke Poems

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Goodbye My Son

You came into this world with a healthy, lustrous cry
This wonder of a little boy, my handsome little guy
This love I had for you as I nursed you at my breast
Filled my heart to overflow as I held you to my chest.


My tears fall, but no one sees them
My cries echo in the emptiness of my life

No one is there to comfort me

Pick Me A Daisy

Pick me a daisy, I don't need a rose
Give me the sunshine to tickle my toe
I don't need diamonds or jewelry of gold
I just need a lover to have and to hold.

Lonely Vs Love

We travel through this life, make friends along the way
Some will last forever, but many will not stay
We laugh, we learn, we cry and tell each other whims
But very seldom do we let another person in.

I'Ll Stand By You

My dear friend, take my hand walk with me a way
Know that I will never leave, I will always stay
Nothing you can say will cost our friendship dear
I will always stand by you, of that you cannot fear.

The Wind

Listen to the wind as it whispers through the trees
As it blows along the mountain top toward the open seas
Listen to it cry in the lonely dead of night
And hear it weep with sorrow for the human races plight.

A Man Alone

I once knew of this man who left the world behind
To seek the simple life and see what he could find
A man alone, content, with his canine friend of one
Who saw life as a challenge, a painting not quite done.

My Cowboy

By day he rides his horse, in the saddle he sits tall
Regardless of the weather, spring, winter, summer, fall
He watches 'oer his cattle as they graze upon his land
This cowboy of the midstates, a quite amazing man.


Softly, ever so softly, I walk the night
I lurk in the darkness
Afraid to be seen or heard
Afraid of being stepped on, for I am loneliness.


Down the path of life I trod
Passing years just seem to nod
And say I'll see you never more
Then one more year has shut it's door.

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