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Blue eyes so full of life
A wonder all of their own
So beautiful and precious
Oh to see those eyes smile

A guide in my life
A shoulder for me to cry on
The best support a daughter
can have

where oh where have you gone
my sweet love and friend
will you ever return to see me
to visit with this friend whose heart you have

Beautiful blue eyes full of life
Always a smile even when
there is a lot of pain
I don't know if anyone

Fighting for this great land
In a far off place
To fight for the freedom of all
In a war in a country not your own

a very beautiful woman
sits there ever so patiently
awaiting his arrival
wanting this one to be the one

these tears i cry
pour down like rain
covering my cheeks
as they run down my face

You're a father, mother, son,
daughter, brother or sister
Yet you are willing to give up
your life for our freedom

Don't cry mommy
I am right here by your side
I know that you can't see me
but I am watching you

got stood up today
and the pain is almost too strong
don't know if i can take much more
of this torture and torment

a friend from school
that i will always remember
for she showed a kindness
and caring like no other

Everytime I am near you I can feel your passionate gaze
I just want to let you do whatever you want
I feel helpless when I am around you

They met back when they were both young
She gave him the love and the hope that he
Needed to fulfill his dreams
Now she is the lost angel he misses at night

hello my angel love
i have missed you so
over these long and lonely years
i long to be with you


Two sisters together again
After years of separation

a bleeding heart is all that's left
in this shell that is me
where once a love lived
now nothing but shattered pieces

oh mom where are you
just wish that i could see you
it's been 22 years and still no sign
of you out there


Lost without you
wishing that you were here
Wondering what went wrong
how can I fix this mess

something that can never be
Knowing deep down
you are gone

there was a time when i thought i would say
those three little words to you.....
now the time has passed and all that is left
is how could i be a fool for you....

Grace Hays Biography

hello all...i know that i am changing this but oh well...just want to say thank you for reading what i write...some of the poems on here might actually be part of a short story that i am working on...i want to thank all of my friends for giving me support while i am writing these...i know that not all sound like poems or look like a poem is supposed to but i am just writing from my heart...and if you have any questions bout that just ask Doc Wilde bout my writing and he will talk to you...he is a good guy and a good i feel like some of these aren't my best but please bear with me as i try to get back into my groove that i used to be in when i wrote as a kid...and yes i do know that i have a lot of potential as another one of my friends would say...well this is practice for get better at what i do...well thanks again and please enjoy...and please forgive the language in several...Alwalys & 4ever, Grace(aka Doc's Gracie) ps you can find some other information about me at thanks)

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Beautiful Blue Eyes

Blue eyes so full of life
A wonder all of their own
So beautiful and precious
Oh to see those eyes smile
Such a beautiful sight
How I love to look into those eyes
When I look into them
A kind of peace comes over me
Beautiful blue eyes
Always haunting me
...teasing me
Reminding me of what I want...can't have
Why do they haunt me so
When will I be free of them
Constantly held captive by those blue eyes
Beautiful blue eyes
Always there
A reminder of what I want...can't have
Such beautiful blue eyes
Beautiful blue eyes...

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Hope Hills 06 August 2009

Hey Gracie - Thanks for the tips. This site is swell. Good job on all your poems. You inspiration - you.

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