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Retired Advertising Executive

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Born On Third Base

"Take me out to the ball game"
that anthem of great fame,
one lyric is clearly off track-
"I don't care if I ever get back".

Spirits In The Wood

Standing all alone in the woods;
eyes shut, I feel the lilting light.
Sun dodges needles through the crown,
beams land on my skin softly so.

Lesson Of The Raisin

How slow can one eat one raisin?
How slow can one go?
A towheaded toddler sits cross-legged
Amidst his playroom with a raisin pinched

Howdy Doody Conversation

"Puppets like me, we never age,
Nor do I think I'm some sort of sage.

However, I've noticed troubles over the years,

First Glance

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15 January 2021

Form must bow to content.

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