Magic Cat

Rating: 3.5

This is a tale I don't expect you'll believe,
I'll start at the end, so not to deceive.

It's the strangest story you're likely to hear,
Korat my cat, speaks really quite clear.

At times, he'd take his heroic cat pose
And stare at me as if he already knows.

He'd climb up my shoulder close to my ear,
Always would do it without any fear.

Using his raspy low voice to distinctively say,
"There's danger right here, get out of the way".

"Gas, get out"- "Fire, go hide"-
"Bad people in here"- I'd quickly abide.

Should you ask people around,
They'll say Korat can't be found.

Or he didn't exist, never been heard,
Only I could see him, not missing a word.

Usually left food out for him to consume,
Always was gone, I'd reasonably presume.

Had his own life, not one to stay,
Never saw a challenge where he'd run away.

Was he a delusion, as some might surmise?
If they'd heard little whispers, it'd certainly surprise.

The family was safe, I can prove all that,
I owe all the credit to my magical cat.

Thursday, March 8, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: cats
Sonya Annita Song 08 March 2018

Cats and rhymes make a magical combination. Nicely written. :)

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Ashika Murali Acharya 08 March 2018

Wow! Greg...That is a little haunting / mysterious. Well written, appreciate your skill.

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