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Motherhood is not
about being perfect
Its about putting others
before yourself

I am done
with poetry
It is not

In a moment
the turmoil
can cease to be
if only you write

Why'd it take my death
for you to understand
You thought I was crazy
in a sane land

A poet
am I
We are not so common
as one might believe

It feels so good
to hear you scream
Your lyrics
anesthetize me

Too many tweets
not enough time.

I heal people
and transform
their lives.
My intervention

Print them all
I don't care
and if they make a dime
give it to my children


Malevolent words
fill my mouth
but I swallow them
rather than spit them out


What matter of man
am I?
to seem to have
a lot of friends

I can't bear
to see the fools
kneeling in their churches
begging for forgiveness

I am aghast
By the past
That holds me down
Until I drown

the water falls
and I weep
as I am tossed
be gentle with me waves

to sit and rest
I sometimes wonder
what is next?
I work so hard

If I am God
as I say
I should speak
with no delay

Perhaps I should be done
with poetry
Perhaps I should die


you don't deserve
While I hold on to
the devil

I have seen
on earth
and in heaven

Forgive me
for what I say
for what I think
for what I do

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Mr. Richardson is short and direct in his poetry. Each poem is meant to get the reader thinking about life, death, and everything in between. As a mental health counselor Mr. Richardson attempts to heal the wounds of the mentally ill. Not only that, but Mr. Richardson suffers from Bipolar Disorder as well, giving him a unique understanding of the complex workings of the mind.)

The Best Poem Of greg richardson

To Motherhood

Motherhood is not
about being perfect
Its about putting others
before yourself
and when you are
depleted -
It is our job
to hold you up
give you courage
and thank the Lord
we have someone
like you.

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Jefferson Carter 24 May 2013

Greg, I appreciate what you're trying to do (stripped-down philosophy) but your diction is just too mundane to make the poems interesting. Read someone like Rae Armantrout or Robert Creeley or W.C. Williams to see how this kind of poem is done well. Also, if you're going to use eccentric punctuation, be consistent....

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